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can you smoke died off leaves and get high

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by Devin Sticky Bud, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. Devin Sticky Bud

    Devin Sticky Bud Registered+

    ?????can you?....i prolly wont cause i dontt want a head ache..but do the they still have thc in them
  2. smoknjoe

    smoknjoe Registered+

    i already answered this man, yes they do, just not too much
  3. Powder Puff

    Powder Puff Registered+

    Not dead leaves, no.. But, leaves you've picked off before..

    You'll just end up smoking a hell of alot of fertilizers!:p lol
  4. Caruso329

    Caruso329 Registered

    I thought about this too, and decided, ya know, if you really could and get high enough to even brag about, then everyone would be doing it.
  5. smoknjoe

    smoknjoe Registered+

    maybe everyone DOES do it ;)

    probably not tho. I wouldn't if i had pot sittin around, but i cant afford to buy pot. Instead of throwing away the leaves, i roll a blunt with them. Pretty damn harsh, but it does the trick. Probably only worth it with high quality strains.
  6. smoknjoe

    smoknjoe Registered+

    oh yea, only do this with leaves that you prune for the PLANTS sake. Dont prune just for the smoke!!

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