Can you tell if someone is high?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Dispensary' started by johard59, Sep 23, 2010.

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    Perhaps. With acute intoxication, a person may giggle a lot, as though everything were terrifically amusing, or act uncharacteristically silly. He may have trouble remembering things he just heard (a real problem in school!). He may feel dizzy or have difficulty walking straight. Marijuana can cause blood vessels in the eyes to widen, making the eyes bloodshot. On the other hand, these signs might be absent. People can develop a tolerance for marijuana, especially with chronic use, so that it no longer affects them as strongly as it did before.
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    I would say most definitely. It might be time for them to try a T-Break though.
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    O ya.... theres a bunch of things that "give away" someones high. For example try a little experiement with your spouse/friend etc.... after smoking, and your feeling medicated relief, have someone stand up. Tell them to tilt there head back. After they have tilted their head back, tell them to close their eyes. When they close their eyes, you should be able to observe their eyelids to "flutter"- tell tale sign someone is under the influence of marijuana! Theres also the persons muscle tone, blood pressure, pulse, pupils that all display signs and symptoms of being intoxicated by marijuana. Its actually very interesting the effects drugs have on the human body.
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    yeah, definately no hiding it, clear eyes helps but no hiding those pupils. :stoned: my grampa used to say to me and my cousins, you boys need to take a little better care of your eyes. :D he was cool.

    i think it makes people look sleepy. i've also noticed there is a whole sort of unwritten communication going on between those under the influence and those who know. people look at me and yawn really exaggeratedly to signify to me that "they know". at which point i signal back with a middle finger scratch of my chin, indicating that i could not give less of a flying f what they know and that they will not be allowed on my cloud. :smokin:
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    Will have to agree with Purple Root on this one. There are a bunch of ways to tell if somebody has been toking. Eye lid flutter, blood pressure and pulse will be up, blood shot eyes, green tongue, dry mouth to name but a few. One of the tests the cops use is have the alleged perp shut their eyes and guess when 30 seconds have passed. Somebody who is really zonked might stand there for 30 minutes waiting for the 30 seconds to pass. Pupil diameter is not a clue because the pupils will react normally. Now Ecstasy will really jack with the pupils. Makes them about the size of a nickle and they stay that way. PCP can swing either way. Either stuck in the dilated or constricted position.

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    its all in the eyes :stoned:
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    hmm when i smoke up no one can really tell the diffrence,my eyes never get red,and i never act diffrent,but then again everyone reacts diffrently,but if you smoke on a regular basis it kinda just doesnt seem noticble after a while...just my opinion..
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    yes it is easy to see if you hi if you show it (unless you got yourself retarded... then your not gona care.. lol)

    but if you don't talk much and keep you face sober than you can do it... also...

    the best trick i ever learned to sober up with.. is just think negative thoughts or thing about the worst circumstance if caught.... it works everytime... for me at least.
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    Uh I can usually tell because the smoke is rollin' off their clothes still. And I can smell it regardless how much Brutt one wears.(especially if I'm out at the moment)
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    I'll take it straight outta my language of medicine book

    Psychological and physical signs and symptoms after the smoking of cannabis include euphoria, impaired motor coordination, anxiety, sensation of slowed time, social withdrawal, and impaired memory or judgment. Other signs of cannabis intoxication are increased appetite, dry mouth, tachycardia (fast heart rate), and paranoia....

    sounds 'bout right (at least for me)!! :stoned:
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    i don't know about you guys ,but where i work at break time the guys parade to the parking lot to get high.
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    I have all that without the weed :icon506:
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    This is fuckin hilarious. I've never been lucky enough to have this luxury but I know lots of other people who have.

    I never get stoned before or during work though. I like to be on my best and i absolutely hate being burnt out and working, so I just wait till afterward, its like a reward for a hard days work
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    I've had those jobs. Usually it is because the work is so tedious that doing it while not stoned is nearly unimaginable.
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    Yes, tho I am one of the invisible ones...

    ...having Chronicus Maximus tolerance.

    There are many signs present in those who do not truly smoke it 'chronically', but they can be almost non-existent in those whose tolerance is pretty high.

    I held an office job in C4lg4ry for almost seven years, and did not go through one day at the office where I worked without a wake-n-bake going in, and usually a doob at lunch. There are certain scent removal tools that work quite well, and my tolerance is such that I am almost impossible to 'get high', no matter what quantity I smoke. I left that job voluntarily when I realized that that city was (physically) not good for me.

    Relaxed and pain-free tho...
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    :D me too.

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