Can you veg too long?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by canadagrown, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. canadagrown

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    I started two sets of plants at different times and I'm waiting for the small ones to catch up. Is it possible that the bigger can spend too much time vegging? Also what is the sign a plant is ready for flowering? Thanks
  2. HappyDayzEire

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    you should be able to manage

    :jointsmile:as far as i know it doesent matter how long you veg for,some mother plants are left vegging for a couple of years to get clones off of,you might want to top taller plant so it gets bushy rather than tall,as far as knowing when to induce flowering do it when yor plant gets to 3/4 the size you want your plant to finish.(stoners out there please correct me if im wrong):thumbsup:
  3. jamessr

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    The longer the veg., the more mature the plant, the better the end effects.:thumbsup: I like to veg. for 10 months if at all possible, then set them in flower till the plant trics are 3/4 amber. No playing around after that.:cool:

    Ya get what ya got into it for. "RELIEF" without question.
  4. Dutch Pimp

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    I assume, you meant 10 weeks? I veg for 4 weeks only. Half my seeds usually show their sex after 28 days of I transplant to 3 gallon pots and kick it to 12/12...:thumbsup:
    vegging longer...don't hurt anything...or help anything, either...IMO...unless you have a poorly developed root system

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  5. jamessr

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    NOPE 10 MONTHS VEG.!! 10 weeks is like taking a diaper off a baby in my opinion.;)
  6. Deejay2163

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    10 months? Wow...send pictures
  7. mainegrown

    mainegrown Registered+

    i second the call 4 pics!

    ~MG a.k.a. le Maine développé
  8. WashougalWonder

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    Wow James, 10 months I wouldn't be able to get in my veg room! Holy cow, 4 weeks and I start to kill off the extras, tops 8 weeks to go to flower. Please advise on size of a flowered plant that old. Pictures, please....yes, teach me.
  9. redtails

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    I've heard they can start to flower automatically if vegged for too long, but not sure when that would be. Longest I've vegged for was 6 months outdoors and I had to tie them over because they were visible over the 8' fence in the back yard.
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  10. canadagrown

    canadagrown Registered+

    I thought a plant had to be put under 12/12 before they will show their sex. Am I wrong then?
  11. DreadedHermie

    DreadedHermie Registered+

    But a baby only takes 9 months.... :kisslove:
  12. jtsik330

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  13. Dutch Pimp

    Dutch Pimp Up in Smoke

    yeah...most seedlings don't show their sex until switched to 12/12...I got lucky and made seeds from a plant that shows early...about half the's a handy trait.
  14. jamessr

    jamessr Registered+

    Simple task ever. Take your best plant and start cloning it. Once you hit approx. 10 months of cloning her, send her into flower. :thumbsup:

    It's not rocket science here, it's a damn weed/plant. Of course when I send her into flower she is any where from 6-8 ft tall and just as wide but, bushy/thick as hell. Flowering her inside can be a task one may not want to mess with, it takes approx. 4-6 1000 watt hps to penatrate her insides.(air cooled tubes so they are up close)

    I have vegged for 10 months and then put her outside during Wa. short summers, then had to finish her back inside before the rains hit again. But, wow does she sing a tune in my head when she is done. BANG !!!:cool:

    I do have 1 pic of one I did. I will have to find it( not like I want something like that just hang out for anyone to look at, people get strange ideas seeing a plant like that.)

    I have found in growing since I was 16 that the longer the total grow cycle before flower is the best out come after flower is done. But, I LIKE COUCHLOCK weed, 1 hitter quiter. To me anything else is a waste.:thumbsup:
  15. jamessr

    jamessr Registered+

    Cute. LMAO I wasn't growing inpregnated plants here. So I don't think this analogy applies.

    But, as you do note a baby only takes 9 months, the other 1 month is left to changing the diapers as I said. HAHAHAHA LMAO.
  16. senorx12562

    senorx12562 Registered+

    I like a little more of a high from the neck up, but aside from that, what, do you have a veg room the size of a stadium? My oldest vegging plants right now were cloned 11/27 and put into soil 12/8, and I cannot even walk through my veg room. Damn, you must have nothing but time and space.
  17. jamessr

    jamessr Registered+

    When I lived in cali. my cousins friend had a pot farm in santa cruz mountains we visited from time to time.

    One day we went to the house and hung out. When we left his friend said hey check this out next to the house out front here. So we all went out front to see a normal front yard and house with trees around it.

    To our amazement was this 3 story pot tree next to the house just before ya come in the front door. I had never ever expected that to be what it was. OMG OMG OMG wtf?

    2 yrs later c.a.m.p. raided his property. They brought a dog with them to sniff out the house. Well the house was clean, the pot farm had been harvested and the cops got nothing, until the damn dog kept sitting by the tree at the front door. The cops had no clue why the damn dog was sitting(that's the sign for drugs found here) so one of the cops looked skyward and BLAM !! He about shit himself with what he just set his eyes on. A 3 STORY FRICKEN POT TREE.....

    They removed it with a chainsaw and burnt it in his yard. It was in the san jose mercury news back in the early 80's.
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  18. jamessr

    jamessr Registered+

    what, do you have a veg room the size of a stadium?

    Valted ceilings in my house 12 ft, poolhouse 14ft and 3 bay garage 16-20ft. No stadium. Just 5 acres with lots of room inside and outside.:thumbsup:

    And 3 pits to run the muck.:D

    Time is all we have in life.....the place I have problems with time is wiping my own ass.:eat:
  19. jamessr

    jamessr Registered+

    bushy bitch.jpeg

    This is one I started this last summer. She has been inside since I said time is all we have. I am in no hurry to pump her with growth hormones or anything of the sort. She is a cross between medicino madness and columbian. I may have somemore in another computer memory.
  20. jamessr

    jamessr Registered+

    Mendicino madness x Columbian babys.jpeg

    This is the same plant as above still in veg since summer, only now she is indoors. She will be going outside in spring time 2010.

    I have had some plants show gender 3 weeks after planting, and some not till 12/12, and some autoflowers which are a pain in the butt to work with unless ya want a autocycle schedule.....not me.

    She will be approx. 8x8 when she is done and full of huge buds leaking thc from them.......sticky guuuuuu.....:pimp:
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