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    For all things on Canadian marijuana and related topics.
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    I went to a meeting hosted by the Liberals on 4/20 called The Regulation of Marijuana.
    It was very interesting shit. It was open to the public and they basically wanted input on many different areas of weed from distribution,production,age of use,health care,taxation ect...
    There was some people from the big LP's like tweed and few others there(they wanted to be the only source of weed, big pharma type shit) Some dispensary owners, regular tokers, and people with no clue on what weed is.

    Anyone have these meetings in your town or city?
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    Here's a few points from the meeting.

    Growing outside will only be allowed if in a secure greenhouse.

    They are unsure on the amount you can grow inside your home. I said no limit , space and cost should be a person's limit.

    I said no limit to carry. If I'm going camping probably gonna need more then an oz. Moderator agreed as hey you can pack your truck with as much booze as you can possibly fit.
    People were on the fence if healthcare should cover any cost if used and prescribed as medicinal.
    Debate over letting agriculture(farmers) in on growing it as crops.
    Also whether to allow big pharma in. Everyone did not like that idea.

    Needs to be cheaper than the black market was their goal. no money will be made if they don't offer a better product.
    Therefore any tax must be low, tobacco is around 40% alcohol 20%, if weed is like that no one will buy it. Most likely is hst 13%.

    Testing must be done on all marijuana sold for various levels of contamination, thc, ect...

    Age of use is expected to be 19.

    Can't recall much else. They were suppose to email all people who attended a transcript of everything but I haven't got anything yet. There was more info then what I listed.
    Sure some shit will change but hey the second and third word the Speaker said at the very start were "legalization imminent" lol
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    I think the only way to get cannabis to crater in price is to allow outdoor grows. The amount of electricity involved with growing cannabis is not only a major expense, but a massive drain on the aging electrical grid.

    I do like the idea of secure greenhouse for personal/small business grows. That would considerably reduce the electrical usage. Only needing lights to help optimize the light cycle, rather than having them on all the time.

    Growing marijuana as crops is also a good idea. Farmers, at least in the USA, would have take measures to secure it. -Most likely a secure fence with some security cameras.

    I don't live in Canada, but those points are good points think about for the legalization push in the USA.
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    "Canada’s significance to the North American and global marijuana markets cannot be understated. With legalization set for Spring 2017, world leaders and policy influencers are focusing their attention on Canada’s ability to regulate a new industry and collect upwards of $5 billion in annual tax revenues. More details on Canada’s outlook and many other significant global marijuana moves will be discussed and debated at the upcoming Lift Cannabis Expo in Downtown Toronto on May 28th and 29th."

    Read more: Canada: The World’s Next Marijuana Marketplace?

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    Thursday, September 15, 2016
    British Columbia Officials Give Marijuana Dispensaries Green Light

    "In what is seen by the cannabis community as true progress, the City of Victoria has enacted zoning bylaws for dispensaries; those who qualify will be able to operate without fear of closure. According to the City of Victoria, cannabis dispensaries are legitimate small businesses.

    This is a huge step forward for both the provincial and municipal governments of B.C. considering their “parent company” Trudeau Incorporated has gone on record several times stating that storefronts selling marijuana are not legal.

    Qualifying cannabis businesses must apply for a zoning variance and pay a $5,000 licensing fee."

    Marijuana Ds Get the Official Go-Ahead in Victoria BC
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    I'm having some bizare impression revisiting threads similar to this one, when i eventually notice a great void relatively to echoing multiple aspects of this whole story inclusively, as if there were many Canadian versions so to speak (...), which actually happens to apply here, i would argue! M'well, anyway it's no less disorienting to observe all sides remained quite indifferent to key events, such as during the electoral campaign when the Liberal web site specified "incidental possession" while no such differentiation was attempted in the French-Canadian version, for example. So it's a bit counter-intuitive IMO to comment about the yet-to-come 2017+ "recreative" market when numerous individual consumption profiles are bound to fall outside the realm of so-called incidental possession, hence effectively renewing political support for the criminalization of daily users who fail to fit into a profile designed/authorized by bigot anti-cannabic prohibitionists, for starters (!) - e.g. guys determined to take over Canadian public resources in hope to impose their own socio-toxic magic-thinking ideology strongly tainted by values of the Victorian Empire, all too often taking self-serving benefit in the process, euh... Etc.! Which reminds me of the United Nations and more especially of the widely ignored address by Hilary Geller as she represented Health Canada in mid-March in a most ambivalent manner that didn't ring any bells, nonetheless. Euh... I mean, strangely enough there was little turmoil at all after she confirmed where Trudeau's reform was officially heading, without even really saying it clearly (everyone heard what they wanted to hear it seems)! Then only a few hours from April 1st, just a few weeks after Bill G20 Blair was given power by Justin (...), no more than 5 months after the Liberals got their majority mandate, by the way, euh... M'well, then some real serious incident occured in Montréal/Québec (a province with no more than 1 among the 30+ official LPs!): which was HOMICIDE by POLICE over CANNABIS!! The ultimate prejudice, nothing less.


    M'yeap, and it couldn't have been possible anywhere else... Go figure!! Ah, and then of course the dead victim was blamed for his own fate, very typical police behaviour on Canuck land, to the point TV news essentially transformed the story of Jean-Pierre Bony ("known by police") by focussing on anything else but the root problem.


    The fact is that Trudeau did what he could to spare the feelings of love-haters/hate-lovers, e.g. those same ones who voted for his political oponent who used to seduce them with irresponsible reforms resulting in worst permanent prejudice on planet Itnoc, In The Name Of Children to top it all.

    Finally, when it came to the matter of medical "mari-caca" (they don't praise the "cannabis" word), m'well this government waited instead of acting without delay, unlike true pro-cannabic/progressist fashion i'd think. Too bad Trudeau's plan is to uphold UN's failed agenda pretending a change of terminology will justify keeping the cost at a "black-market" level, while literally "KILLING" the "competition" in a French-speaking province... Because high taxes keep the children away, theoretically, and the higher the price-tag the more tax dividends can be collected. Whatever!...

    So much for the poor children when it comes to ca$h, shit-loads of it!... But lets not hold our breath hoping to hear his father's son complain about police causing death over "weed" in Ottawa's parliament: that simply wouldn't be coherent with the bigot Victorian ideology of those voters MiniHarper valued so persistently all along.


    Oh maybe it will be "legal" someday after all, but the price-tag will remain prohibitive while consumers will be asked to trust a traditionally bigot system which sent envelopes with the pesky "M" word clearly printed on it... Not to mention it was also at Health Canada they told a mother to make her 6 yr son smoke the medication (...), or it was those too who once thought radiation-sterilized whole-ground plants were suitable for suffering patients, forget the residual toxins left behind by dead pathogens, etc., etc.

    While i read or hear about the accomplishments of Trudeau i notice we keep having the same old sensationalist "news" relative to police raids, helicopters and drones in the wild (140 owned by RCMP so far they said), etc. If mafia itself had been elected to "save the children" i figure the situation would be exactly as it is NOW, with ZERO concern for human life when mishaps occur since everyone does their best to look in the oposite direction.

    Oh well, that's only 1 perception so how could it be the correct version anyway?!... Cross your fingers dear Canuck readers.

    Good day, have fun!! :D
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    Salutations WagonWeed,

    Assuming this article below is about the same event exactly:

    CTV: Crime Stoppers president charged in $3M pot bust (2016-Sep-23)

    « The president of an Ontario chapter of Crime Stoppers was forced out of his position this week, after police charged him in connection with a large marijuana grow-operation.

    Windsor & Essex County Crime Stoppers voted Thursday, to remove Jon-Paul Fuller the day after Ontario Provincial Police raided greenhouses in Leamington, Ont.

    Police said they found more than 2,900 marijuana plants with an estimated value of $2.9 million, along with 41 kilograms of harvested marijuana worth about $180,000.

    Hummm... Lets see. So the value of 1 single plant is supposed to be 1000 $ CAD while they estimate the "finished" product would have a 4.39 $/g price-tag, euh...

    (In The Name Of Children...)


    M'well, maybe we need to explore a few alternate perspectives here, for example what amount had to be invested into this greenhouse installation:

    I mean, take a good look. It's fenced and doesn't seem to have appeared over night, right?... My bet is the guy believed in Trudeau's promise to "legaleeze" so he wanted to be on the front row early. Or maybe i got it all wrong as i have too few clues relative to that case, go figure anyway! At 4.39 $/g i'm thinking perhaps the finished product wasn't exactly top notch, nonetheless. I mean, forget "exotics" including the High-CBDs.

    One other thing which gathers my attention happens to be clearly illustrated in the picture above: e.g. the electric transformer and associated wiring... So, considering it's never garanteed to balance once done with such slow cultivation project, euh... How much more money on consumables needed to be spent just to loose a "harvest" eventually?? To top it all, weren't the electric bills paid for and if so then my hummble bet is that's all connected to a logging meter and hence i wouldn't be surprized should we learn that it was actually the electricity provider who blown a whistle. In other words i can see a lot of money being absorbed by many supplier$ in this one snapshot (plus those who make a living as bigot anti-cannabic prohibitionist predator$). For example, i wish to put some highlight on the fact that CTV's text used the "m" word 5 times overall (some high repetition rate for such brief text!!) while it's obvious this particular media found ZERO opportunity to write "cannabis" instead, which would have contributed to elevate the reform debate by raising the level of education in this (predatory) country...


    Oh, and i'm sure the devil hides in details overlooked by those who are meant to "inform" us, like where there any weapons characteristic of "organized crime" on the scene?... Then what if there were, knowing the whole prohibitionist bubble would burst in absence of international bigot UN treaties crippling Canada's (so-called) democratically-sovereing society!... Which is the main reason why cultivators turned into easy targets - to serve bigot retrograde/socio-toxic ideologies - would need to protect themselves, since police won't help (quite on the contrary, now in Trudeau's Canuck land they'll cause permanent prejudice to their victim and walk away with it if convenient, with the blessing of voters who chose Harper before!)...


    Last but not least:

    « Fuller is charged with production of marijuana and possession for the purpose of trafficking. Another man also faces charges. »
    Right, so he didn't pay his taxes. Wow, i got to wonder if there was 1 single child "saved" from the "dangers" of cannabis during this operation...


    Good day, have fun!!
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    Ah, Leamington....the tomato capital of Canada. Chances are that farm was growing tomatoes for Heinz, until the pricks shut down operations here in Canada. :D
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    Ya what I ws thinking was if they were that serious about it what not just buy an LP licence, one was being sold for 10mil at couple months ago.If you have the money you can just straight buy an existing lp without having to apply or anything.
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    Also that infrastructure was probably already there
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    Salutations DirtyBlueGene,
    Salutations Wagonweed,

    Oh, i see. Then i must admit that makes sense to switch to cannabis in such context, provided it's not going to serve bigot anti-cannabic Prohibitioni$ts & Friend$ ultimately!...


    I'm not sure i'd want to link seriousness and the right to grow in Canuck land, on planet Itnoc! o_O

    Keep in mind the precious plant (e.g. 1000 $/plant... MouHa! Ha! Ha! Ha! What a joke - on us!...) could be used as accessible/effective medecine by apothecaries in Québec until 1885, the year it was declared "Poison" besides arsenic and cyanure... It's not like Canadian citizens were always forbiden to grow cannabis (or "Indian Hemp" back then), each in their own private gardens - which is the best way to create genuine trust in cannabic products IMHO.


    Only self-cultivation can offer 100 % certainty that the "final product" remains conveniently affordable (10 ~ 50 ¢/g, maybe at most 2 $/g in special situations) while being as "BIO" as i care to require it to be at home. That's quite some contrast with LEGAL CONSUMER EXPOSURE to 200 different pesticides, for example!... So, to me there's just no reasonable justification to confiscate a natural right, considering the "harm" of cannabis is only a result of socio-toxic interference which aims to villify the noble plant and avoid healthier consumption methods - plus over-tax the pro-cannabic economy to seduce bigot voters, etc.

    In my conception of a "normal" reality our governments shouldn't have a habit to revolve around $elf-$erving opportuni$ts pretending to "save" our Canadian children from the "harms" of mari-caca, whatever they call it. The Liberal's action of 1923 needs to be questioned, not to mention that of 1925 when they sent yet another doctor/politician (as i recall) to the League of Nations (United Nations) as president while "Indian Hemp" was to be added to international ban treaties - which i consider was abusive and hence requires correctives as severe as the resulting prejudice, i would expect. But that's day-dreaming! Truth is Trudeau will try to "fix" prohibition pretending it's a progressist move worthy of his father (though i figure he'll actually reach new levels in the subtle blind/obscure domains of love-haters/hate-lovers), because his party needs to stay in power...

    It's that simple, follow the money trail! The victims of Trudeau's legacy will wait including real flesh 'n blood children, not to mention medical patients too. M'well i'm thinking of those presently facing the former Harper inquisition, which was never gone, only to exercise a natural right that was stolen by cowards who could'nt handle reality objectively in a democratic manner. In days when eugenism was rampant among some of the "elite" actors, after a devastating war with the prospect of a slow economy, then the crash, etc... I figure it's easy to turn suffering people into sheeps ready to look in the other direction if that helps. It started with medecine which failed us miserably, pharmacy as i mentioned, journalism then radio and TV eventually. Etc., etc. I'm no conspirationist but i can recognize a socio-toxic patern in such synergy of socio-economic forces. My 2 ¢.


    If there has to be an option where cultivation is performed by some 3rd-party then let it be a "Cooperative Association" in priority, eventually once production meets demand why not open the door and call "LPs" to the rescue, instead of the other way around. Because it's not just about "quality" as defined by bigot anti-cannabic prohibitioni$ts trying to "break the toys of others" (and make a dime with it! Like bully predator$!), euh... Quality is pretty much also about confidence in the producer that his finished product is as safe as we are justified to require; the problem is that we can't tell them what's the goal to reach if LPs have exclusive control, inherited from Health Canada, supported by the UN. Etc. Put in other words, at the moment i consider the situation needs to be reversed 180 degrees: put the People's Needs 1st. Civil servants shall focus on their duties and handle real criminals who cause real prejudice, much like that for which it seems there's nobody home (responsible) when a messy event occurs... As a matter of fact, thanks to the LP Licences as lots of obscene private benefits will drive a captive pray-market, in the name of children.


    That's certainly not how i imagined the Canadian way. We don't have an eagle on our flag after all...

    It still costs money nonetheless, while the augmented revenue from switching to cannabis turned into a pure financial loss (2.9 million dollars plus 180 thousand) with severe judiciary repercussions. All this because of Trudeau's so-called "legaleezation" that drops the "incidental" word in "incidental possession" when translating to French, etc, etc!...

    Amen, ainsi soit-il!

    Good day, have fun!! :D
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    Have you seen the new Canada cannabis fact sheet.
    4 plants per house hold. Eh okay not great but not horrible. Here's the insane catch "no more than 100cm tall" lol what in the Fuck.

    And only grow from "licensed seed". What ever the hell that is.
    We are sure as shit not being forced to support these L Fucking P's.
    I wonder what's gonna happen with all the seed banks.
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    Salutations WagonWeed,

    From or

    Nah... If that's the source then anyone can safely bet that i did not (and perhaps i tend to cry all too often too), because i'm an old man while all i perceive behind such publications (read "biased/twisted/socio-toxic bigot hate-loving/love-hating angry "propaganda"...) is little else but more anxiogenic stuff threatening to ruin the day: the $elf-$erving predator$ routinely muck us on the public place, celebrating their total victory quite openly.


    No. Life's simply too short to bother, and i don't feel like playing a game where i'm declared looser before it even begins anyway!...


    But i'm still hoping for a serious/professional legal analysis of the SIX 2016 CDSA modifications that already occured, with Trudeau somehow still waiting for the law to be changed, he says... - M'well, i may reconsider if/when available, within a useful time-frame that is!


    But i'm not holding my breath...

    That's exactly like i feared: booze-loving bullies breaking the toys of others. This is far from realistic for someone who needs jar rotations to obtain decent dry, well-cured and resinous cannabic loads that won't result in more nuisance than benefit, at an astronomically-boosted pricetag (CBD oil now sells 129 $ CAD/60 ml compared to canola oil at 2.16 $/l)...


    The fact is i just can't get my hands on properly cured & resinous cannabis at the moment. All there is around here is quite over-priced, has been poorly processed, was harvested much too early and hence causes significant health issues not normally associated with "medical" grade products - thanks to Trudeau's way of reform... As a matter of fact, even LPs have been found to plot together about using BANNED pesticides, in secret though with Health Canada well aware and yet contemplative (...), because the smoking consumption method happens to VILIFY our noble molecules with Hydrogen Cyanide which happens to get masked by vegetal tissue pyrolysis (in combustion smoke), whatever, etc. In other words they were a tad obcessed with profits 1st while it was supposed to be the space-age stuff, so why were pesticides necessary at all, to begin with?!...

    Oh and i'm supposed to trust such "legaleezed" organized crime?!! Right?


    Nah... My only sources of information cannot have a ".ca" domain anymore, plain and simple: a few months ago i heard Josée Blanchette expressing her insider opinions on the "information" indu$try, via Canal-Savoir (CFTU) television, e.g. on local cable instead of late TV news... Lets admit this intelligent lady practically put an end to my remaining illusions of democracy.

    The expression "Cultural Genocide" is what's this last detail actually spells to me and we didn't even mention the consumer's own needs in real-life situations so far. No sense of inclusion there!

    Honestly i feel we're going to line up with the aboriginal orphans and woman in this miserable country, plus the homeless and more... e.g. all those who are being actively "profiled" by armed para-military police, quite ready to shoot while pretending to "save" those statistically-ellusive children of planet Itnoc.

    Etc., etc.

    No joy in my heart if you must ask me, there's just no reason i can keep hoping for justice and fairness in my lifetime.

    But maybe you can do better, so i'm only able to wish you luck! And lots of courage + determination.


    Good day, have fun!! :D
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    Hey just a quick reply with the source.

    I was just send the PDF version of the fact sheet. It looked legit but had to go find the real source.
    When I get some time I'll reply back again.

    Looks of good stuff in your posts, lots over my head. I have to look up. I also no basically nothing about politics and it's workings, and all their maneuvers .
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2017
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    Hi again Wagonweed,

    Lets just put it on the account of intuition but it turns out i found your input particularily relevant, on the contrary, as it struck me in some involving manner that required me to delay my reflexion, to think this over with due attention, in my veranda (...), and the verdict is clear: it was me who failed to follow the discussion seriously and i must apologize sincerely for being such a bad interlocutor. Except i still have to digress, on 1 item...

    Quite frankly i fear what you seem to find acceptable/tolerable today may turn very urgly later, eventually, because the thought occurs to me - thanks to our active exchange of ideas - that although it's little more than gut-feeling i don't feel it's only about an attack against sativas, etc., no.

    IMO the bigots aim for a bigger target and the most obvious logical one your comment inspires me right now is finger-pointing at power electric "intelligent" (log) meters, considering there's usually 1 of them per address, precisely!



    In my own personal opinion there's a hidden agenda behind their cryptic plant restrictions and it may well be about the political landscape looking favorable for a government that might want to "suggest" our meters should be put to contribution in a "collective" effort to deter a new kind of "organized criminals", as probably defined in the low-profile CDSA moddifications of 2016, i figure.

    Visualize the scene. At 4 plants the indoors garden won't generate the same characteristic signature compared to an "illegal" one, not to mention there are other devices which add up as the culture progressively gains in importance, the motors in carbon filters for example. Then it may not seem evident at 1st glance but when i combine that to the proliferation of metronome-precision 12/12 timers with the most specific "voice" of all, euh... M'well, then the prospect only appears too tempting to expect it will remain ignored, i'm afraid.

    Consequently i'd be ready to bet one of their next little surprize "message" could be related to busting the "illegal" growers/gardens, because they can and it makes a good show - in the name of children.

    Good day, have fun!! :D
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    The four plants under 100 cm thing..... this pretty much make outdoor growing difficult and risky for us Canucks. You get one shot at it per season, whether photo-period or auto, so if a gopher takes a couple and punks take the rest, it's a long wait for the indoor crop to grow out and cure. Well, I suppose we'll have to purchase some gubmint approved and taxed crap weed while we wait on the licensed crap seed to do it's thing. :( Also, I recall reading some suggestion that the approved weed would have a tax rate that would rise with quality. We've been swindled, yet again.:rolleyes:
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