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    I just posted this in a very old thread and not sure it worked.

    does anyone know if it would be a problem bringing a half ounce from vermont to canada since its ok to have an ounce in both places?
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    I heard they wanted to tax provincial plus $1 per gram any truth to that.. not that I care cuz I will get my weed same place I always have whether is legal or illegal
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    I hope all sides just do this right and honestly on both side.. I have smoked sense I was 12 and now 34 ..

    I made it to college and live a pretty comfy life with wife and kids ..Weed only ruins motivation of people who never had any to begin with as long as you don't smoke writhing the first 5 minutes of waking up lmao..

    One thing I hate is loosely used words..

    Smoking weed no matter how good doesn't help physical pain at all not one bit ..I break my arm and smoke a gram of 70%thc oil extract it still hurts just as much ...

    Got a headache I smoke ten joints it hurts more cuz I coughed my ass off ...

    Smoking does help for sleep,appetite,nausea etc etc but not pain it even a little and I don't care what goverment or scientist anyone says I have smoked half ounce joints between 4 people of high end indica 27-30% thc and nope shit still hurts the same

    Now ingesting or sublingual help with pain and body aches...

    Goverment needs to be smart remember an element is to lose the back alley and make it a business ..

    Which means no $10 a gram weed no $300 an ounce

    They do have to limit per household I feel because nobody needs more then 4 plants in constant rotation could satisfy and entire household .. more then that and you would have to distribute so don't end up with old raunchy weed and that's doesn't make sense..

    I can't brew my own beer so I would be thankful to be allowed to grow 4 plants which is actually too much for personal use and I make ejuice,butters,oils,honeys,candies,caramels,shatter,rosin which is a dumb ass word for resin and with all my butters and oils I make a good 10-15 different types of edibles and 4 plants can satisfy both mine and my spouses needs and then some..

    And last but not least let's be real people 98% of us don't give a shit about its medical side we want it legalized so we don't get marked as a criminal and arrested for it..

    I smoke weed because I love pets weed. That's 123 on my love list..I'm happy it's help medical aspects but that now why I smoke it and it's not why most of us smoking it sooooooo let's now all talk about medical medicine blah blah ..

    I would love to be able to legal smoke and grow my own dankity dank dank weed because weed is awesome not because it stopped little Paul from having a seizure which is awesome but I'm not Paul and I don't know Paul I'm happy for Paul but I smoke it cuz I love it..

    Those are my long stoned thoughts after a long night shift ..

    Everyone need to keep it real so they stand a chance of getting it right

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