Canadian Coffee Shops?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by rnichilo, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. rnichilo

    rnichilo Registered+

    I have heard that there are pot cafes in Canada, anyone know of any? If so where are they at? Any in Ontario?

    thanks :jointsmile:
  2. Willard_420

    Willard_420 Registered+

  3. rnichilo

    rnichilo Registered+

    thanks a lot! Me and my girlfriend planning a trip to CA to smoke some good bud and hit up a casino, those places look really nice!
  4. 666300

    666300 Registered+

    I didn't know there where coffee shops in Canada. :Rasta:

    How do they get above the law?
  5. rnichilo

    rnichilo Registered+

    I guess they don't sell pot, they are just cool meeting places to smoke and trade/buy bud(from other people).

    Even though they don't sell the bud i'm sure the people that work there can direct you to someone who sells; at least thats what i would assume.
  6. thatman

    thatman Registered+

    They will kick you out like you sneaked into a girls changeroom if you even mention the word BUY within 200 feet of their place.

    This is how it works , you go to a cafe(theirs only a few). You can just chill and buy edibles(sometimes) and theirs a members only room where you can smoke and pitch with people. But not buy , they will just think your a narc and toss you out on your behind.
  7. rnichilo

    rnichilo Registered+

    Quick question for my Canadian friends; is there good bud around Niagara Falls area? Because I'm going to the Fallsview Casino/hotel and I was wondering if I'll be able to find some smoke while I'm there. I know that there is good bud in the western provinces for sure, but is there any on the eastern side (closer to PA where I live) thanks guys :Rasta:
  8. TheSmokingMonkey

    TheSmokingMonkey Registered+

    I'm confused. So you walk in to one of these places, is it advertised outside that it's a smoking place? Or do you have to be a local to know where to go?

    And then you can buy space cake, but not herb?

    And so... if I bring herb, can I get arrested for possession?

    Can anybody explain in more detail?
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  9. thatman

    thatman Registered+

    Umm actually after checking around today , that particular cafe got shut down

    Their is this one all rules on website

  10. gee

    gee Registered+

    still illegal man, if it was legal u would have found out by now.

    its just really accepted and lots of dealers are open with sellin to strangers, which i think is pritty dumb because u never know when your gonna be dealing with an undie
  11. rnichilo

    rnichilo Registered+

    Does anyone know if there is good bud around the Niagara Falls area (Canadian side)?
  12. Gatekeeper777

    Gatekeeper777 Registered+

    I know of a seed bank in hamilton tho. about 45 min away from the falls.

    not to sure about how good they are.
  13. powerrobbie

    powerrobbie Registered+

    Niagra falls has some pretty decent weed,in clifton hill (the tourist area) theres a couple head shops so you could try around there..if you really want the good weed drive the hour to toronto:jointsmile: weed is everywhere here
  14. Willard_420

    Willard_420 Registered+

    Yeah, looking for weed down the main street was a little bit of a bitch when I went there... btw If you're really baked go see the world records thing, it's insanity!
  15. rnichilo

    rnichilo Registered+

    thanks for the info guys! I am going to be in Niagara Falls, march 10
    I hope i will be able to find some bud!

    Peace :Rasta:
  16. 666300

    666300 Registered+

    I'm not sure about niagra falls but there is good bud in Nova Scotia where i live. So I'd say its good in the niagra falls area.
  17. intrepidus6

    intrepidus6 Banned

    What about around Grand Basken?
  18. rnichilo

    rnichilo Registered+

    thanks for the info guys i'll look for the head shops in clifton hill for sure :Rasta:
  19. brains

    brains Registered+

    i know the owners daughter for the hotbox cafe. pretty chill place my friend, right down in kensington market. they dont deal weed as far as i know, you bring your own shit and smoke it there. menus provided for the munchies :stoned:
  20. BluBerrywidow

    BluBerrywidow Registered+

    The Hippy Cafe Existed 2 yrs ago in london ontario lasted for about a year, you could rent various bongs or the volcano and smoke in their chillin cafe. ....good times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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