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  1. Batzu88

    Batzu88 Registered

    All these weed forums are filled with 16 year old kids who have smoke a handful of times shit-posting about things they've read about on the internet.

    Just like Erowid.
    People with 0 experience lying their asses off, showing their complete ignorance for cannabis in every post. Who will delete their profiles as they age to cover up their complete lack of any knowledge of the topics they spew out.

    It's pure cancer.

    Complete waste of time of a website. Obvious after reading 3 posts.
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  2. Orneryman

    Orneryman Registered+

    Good contribution to the Cancer, being this your first post on this account. I've found a lot of useful information all over this forum.
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  3. surfing1

    surfing1 Registered+

    Stage 4 kidney cancer survivor here, it’s been a tough road. Not saying vaping oil has cured me but am cancer free now and have been over a year and my oncologist doesn’t know why, I can’t tell him about the oil he is a traditional dr and I can’t afford to lose my job need the insurance. Have not been on any cancer meds at all just multiple surgeries to remove the places it metastasized to. Good luck to anyone fighting cancer
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