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  1. fackfackfack

    fackfackfack Banned

    I got a question..
    couldn't you just put a lot of weed in a teabag, and use a great amount of milk, and let it steep for a while..

    when i sober up i am so going to try this!:jointsmile:
  2. TheFatKid

    TheFatKid Registered+

    There is a post on this somewhere, and it was really good.
  3. fackfackfack

    fackfackfack Banned

    I know I saw that, but is there any way I could just make it as simple as tea+milk+teabag+some tea.

    MOBABN Registered+

    the recipe is somewhat like that, go read it and test out your own ways.
  5. fackfackfack

    fackfackfack Banned

    Yeah... I just don't want to waste sweet jane..
  6. fackfackfack

    fackfackfack Banned

  7. dark0ne

    dark0ne Registered+

    It should work, but i would steep it for a while first before adding the tea. Just to make sure that the thc is absorbed. If you lived neer a dairy farm, or an ice cream place that has fresh milk. That whole fresh milk has some of the highest fat content. irish cream butter is good for cooking too.
  8. fackfackfack

    fackfackfack Banned

    wait so I should steep it in the cold milk before? ah, god I am confused beyond belief.
  9. fackfackfack

    fackfackfack Banned

    Alright fuck it, I'm going to go heat up a shitload of milk and a little water, and steep weed/tea in it.

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