Cannabinoid boiling point video

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    My rig shown here is a series of kugelrohr bulbs connected to a boiling flask and horizontal. The boiling flask is a 50 ml two neck 14/20 jointed flask with a magnetic stir bar inside. Flask is wrapped in a 60W full spherical cloth heating mantle and is placed on top of a magnetic stirring device. The vacuum pump is an Edwards EM 28 which is remarkable quiet with the gas ballast closed. Vacuum sensor is a Pirani style Vacuubrand sensor capable of measuring accurately in the range of 1000 microns down to ¾ of one micron (deep vacuum). First drip into the catch bulb was noted at 140C on thermometer suspended an inch above boiling puddle. Vacuum measurement read at ¾ of one micron. Two distinct plateaus noted with the highest plateau topping out at 172C with contamination of first plateau fraction noted beginning at 160C on thermometer.
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