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Discussion in 'Recipes' started by just me, May 9, 2006.

  1. just me

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    I was wondering if there was any way to ferment a form of cannabis, be it buds, resin or oil and make it into alcohol.
    I searched the internet not finding much out.
    I was wondering what you all think about it?
    Is it or does it sound worth it or could I just be waisting my time?
  2. acrca

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    Its called Green Dragon, I dont know anything else bout it
  3. DemoCommando

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    Well, Cannabis does not have lots of sugar in it besides the glucose needed for cellular respiration.

    THC and the other Cannabinoids are alcohol SOLUBLE. So you can soak cannabis in alcohol and get a drink that way.

  4. just me

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    I've read about Green Dragon before and forgot about it.
    I supposed it's basically the same as fermenting weed, even if it could be done.
    Thanks for the two replies.
  5. just me

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    Oh yeah and I just found information about using cannabis in the beer fermentation process instead of hops.
  6. D.Boone

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  7. just me

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    Thank you D.Boone that was quite an interesting read.
  8. harmonicminor

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    first ya gotta know how to make beer. then you can boil your herb in with the barley to break down the complex sugars into simple sugars that the yeast can eat. It would work that way.
    is Green dragon fermented herb or just weed added to alcohol???
    either way it would work but I think fermenting the weed may not be as bitter in the end.
  9. hash in hand

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    you cant ferment weed though the is a story about a weed/hops hybrid that allowed fementing with THC present in the final dragon is tincture (added to alcohol) but its fucking amazing stuff..... check out the green dragon posts in this recipes from
  10. altwnyguy73

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  11. just me

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    Thank you very much. I've seen homebrew kits at the supermarket. Shame when I moved we didn't keep the 5 brewing jars (or what ever they're called) in the garage that were not being used. Seen them for about $1.20 second hand around so i'll bare that recipe in mind. :glugglug:
  12. jimmymickeyrob

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    ah ive done the green dragon thing b4 its worth it but its a bitch to do, you have to put like an 1/8 or an quater intothe strongest booze you can find like everclear or somthing, shake it each day keepinmg it in a dark place and then after about a month (the longer the better) strain out the weed and you should have a green tinted drink, which works extremley well although it takes 1/2 hour to work, somtimes i let choclate disolve in it so the dairy helps it absorb and ads to flavour i find the drink goes well mixed with WKD blue. a much quicker but less effective and more dangerous way it to put green into drink the heat to sub boiling an drink, but heating up spirtits can be dangerous and is not recommended, worst thing with this is you get tempted to drink it early if your doing it the first way an dont get as high as you could...hope ive helped :D

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