Cannabis and changes in brain chemistry

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Non, Dec 4, 2008.

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    Does smoking weed cause permanent or relatively long lasting effects on brain chemistry? If one is "addicted", is the change "enhanced"? I've had insomnia for about 4 years... and the frequency of cannabis I consumed in the beginning of this might be seen as linked to this. I might also have an "addictive" personality, or something. I tried not smoking for as long as... well half a year probably, the longest since then. Do I just need to stay off of it for longer? Maybe the cannabis is not really so much linked to it, but I had created a dependency on it, even though it might not even help me if smoked too close to bedtime. It could just be that I consume cannabis the wrong way (ie too much, or in the wrong way) or they could also be "withdrawals", and/or just a condition, or "illness" of my own.

    People say that marijuana can be mentally "addictive" and changes in brain chemistry can be considered psycho-physiological. Or it could be psycho-somatic as a result of the fusion of cannabis consumed in the wrong way and the "abnormal" personality/psychology or physiology. Either way it can also be considered physical addiction if it could cause such "psycho-physiological" changes.

    For the "addictive" person, might it help to kind of ween yourself off of marijuana instead of cold turkey? Or just to not smoke as much and completely change your cannabis consumption habits, ie if done all day everyday try once a day, and just enough to get the medical properties active. You could also try the occasional "get totally blasted" method as well
    but at the right time.

    Of course don't be focused so much on negative effects that you kind of mistakenly create such negative effects (cuz u know they say don't try too hard you might set yourself up for disaster).

    Any insight on this would be appreciated.
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    THC is medically proven to not be physically addictive. You can get mentally addicted to anything. A lot of people are technically mentally addicted to coffee. Your wording is odd, but if you're saying you want to stop, cold turkey should work.
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    Caffeine is physically addictive, too, chief.
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    You know this is an interesting subject and current scientists are still trying to figure out the link

    There is suggestive evidence (via newscientist) that our genes actually 'remember' things that happen to us and get passed on

    There is also some suggestive evidence that claims every drug will change our neurotransmitters and how our brain is wired (no source sorry)
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    In my opinion it is not physically addicting. I base this from personal experience. I have smoked for the past 5 years strait. I have not smoked in the past 3 weeks and have no side effects other than the fact that I wish I had a bud to smoke. Just don't have any but that will all change soon. :Rasta:
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    Some scientists say that cannabis can causes permanent changes to the brain if smoked before the brain is fully developed. So during the teen years.
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    Ummm..."Holy Hottie cakes" Batman!! lol anyway... I have seen alot of this conclusion in my research into cannabis. I also believe that it is soo beneficial in soo many ways that what becomes an addiction is the relief that it brings, at least for me anyway. I've had a sleep disorder for alot of years as well as spinal nerve damage, you find something natural that gives you relief and of course you never want to go back.
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