Cannabis and the Christ: Jesus Used Marijuana

Discussion in 'Spirituality' started by Captain Hanks, Apr 7, 2006.

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    too bad that article was NOT based on "what EXODUS 30: 22-23 says", it in no way is describing cannabis, or any form of cannabis... read it for yourself ... this whole horseshit article does a serious disservice to people, and it is a shame to slant Christian teachings to support his own personal delusions ... I am a sincere Christian, and I smoke pot ... I have never tried to bullshit anybody into believing my pot use is endorsed or recommended by the Lord ...
    I am quite sure Jesus would prefer that I led my life without the use of drugs, however, I also think He will cut me some slack, since it is so helpful to me, physically ... and, if not, in the end, I will answer to Him, not the fucking government :smokin:
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    How do u know Jesus would prefer we don't use drugs?? Why did God put these plants on the Earth then? They have beneficial use to us if we use them in the right way, and if more people smoked weed in this country instead of drinking alcohol and smokin crack and meth, then the world would be a lot better. Wouldn't Jesus want the world to be better place? But i guess u do agree in a sense since u smoke it for medicinal reasons?? But why say its horseshit? You act like marijuana is some life ruining drug like heroin. Just seems kinda hypocritical to say that Jesus wouldn't want u smoking and the article does a disservice to the people. I think the disservice is the brainwashing activity that goes on in this country, often times promoted by the church, and overly conservative, ignorant people that probably never even seen, smelled, or smoked marijuana. I'm surprised to see someone with so many posts have this view. I guess even potheads are brainwashed by all of the governments propaganda. Its discouraging to see, because if someone who smokes it cant see the truth, how can we ever convince non-pot smokers of the truth?

    Also, isn't that what the church has been doing forever, slanting teaching to support their own delusions?? Its not a big stretch to think that ancient people used marijuana similar to other herbs. They didn't have the social stigma and brainwashing about these plants back then. I know the Rasta religion is based on Christianity, and they incorporate marijuana into their belief system, so i am guessing their is probably a lot of truth to the fact that marijuana was used by Jesus or other figures in the Bible. Any rastas out there wanna comment? :Rasta:

    Just seemed kinda rude the way u replied. Its one thing to have an opinion. But u come off as rude and aggressive, much the same way non-pot smokers do who love to criticize me and judge me for smoking before they know me. Like ur writing all of us off as another stupid pot head. Its sad and surprising to see that from a fellow pot smoker. Well thats my 2 cents, peace and love :Rasta:
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    I've been increasingly fascinated by the use of Cannabis historically across multiple religions and particularly the use of it in the holy anointing oil.

    So much so, that as someone with access to pure distillate, I recreated the original formula from the bible into a modern version using the same ratio of ingredients.

    You can see our recreation here:

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