Cannabis bars in Montreal?

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Hunternora, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. Hunternora

    Hunternora Registered+

    My family just moved up to Burlington Vermont, so during summer break I'm going to be living with them. I've heard Quebec and Montreal were stoner friendly, any truth to this? Any more of these amazing sounding cannabis bars?
  2. IntrepidS

    IntrepidS Registered+

    No Cannabis bars, but I know at St. Sulpice on St. Denis street people smoke in the huge outdoor space out back.
  3. greenbastard

    greenbastard Registered

    Chk out the tam tams on Sundays during the summer.
  4. poiuyt

    poiuyt Registered+

    I fucking love going to see the tam tams on Sundays!
  5. Gennaro

    Gennaro Registered+

    stoner friendly yes yes
  6. tuete

    tuete Registered+

    i've also heard rumors about cafes where you can smoke in montreal. and i know im getting indoor quebecian sometimes that passes through vermont. it'd be nice to know of even a seed bank in the area.
  7. robot420

    robot420 Registered

    woodstock on st denis sells seeds
    So are there any pot cafes in this town or what
  8. mikeyjo

    mikeyjo Registered+

    I know of cafes to get, but haven't been in any that allowed peeps to smoke. Other than Shisha that is.

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