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Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by JoeBear, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. JoeBear

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    Last year I had me spleen removed due to a genetic blood disorder. The spleen was so enlarged the cut was huge which left a very long icky scar. I was told to use cocoa butter. The smell of cocoa butter makes me seriously nauseated to my friend told me to use cannabis butter. We mixed it with some vitamin E lotion and I started using it a few times a day. Today my scar is a very faint pink. My sister in law had a C section around the same time and used cocoa butter. Her scar is still very red and bright. You can't even see wwhere my staples were anymore. My husband thought I was silly for using it but HEY, it worked!
    Anyone else try the butter for skincare?
  2. sOcK3y3

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    damn, sorry to hear that. hope you feel better soon!!
  3. birdgirl73

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    If you have any more surgery and want to use something other than an oily emollient on the scar, go to your pharmacy and get an over-the-counter gel called Mederma. It's a really good treatment for scars and helps them smooth out and fade much faster than they would otherwise. I'm currently using it on a scar on my neck from spinal surgery I had not quite four weeks ago. I've had very good luck with Mederma in the past.

    Did you have to have your splenectomy because of hereditary spherocytosis?
  4. rebgirl420

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    I never used cocoa butter or anything for my cancer scars. They kind of just went away on their own. My oncologist was even shocked by the fact that the biopsey scar on my neck is almost completely gone. You can only see it if you realllllly look.
  5. thcbongman

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    Mederma works really well. I'm using it to smooth my scar so I can tattoo over it in a few months when it's ready.
  6. JoeBear

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    Birdgirl... Yes I did and it's progressing into polycythemia. I got it from my dad. My mom says it's so weird watching me have things happen at the same ages they happened to my dad. I am the only one of my siblings who got it, I am the only daughter too. My blood gets so thick it's like watery pudding. The headaches and period cramps are absolute murder. I have moved to a new state and the doctors are waiting here for all my medical records so I can get perscription. My immune system is wrecked since my spleen came out. I get sick from every little thing that comes along. Little things in every day food make me throw up while everyone around me just munches away. Annoying LOL

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