Cannabis Capsules – A step-by-step guide.

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  1. MuffinCharger

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    Does this recipe call for any decarbing with a vape or an oven? I would really really love to make these, except I don't have access to an oven really (because of the smell and shit). I know this one doesn't say anything about it, but other recipes do call for decarbing.

    And it would take a long time for me to build up enough vaped weed for the recipe.

    (Sorry for stupid questions. Not an experienced toker)
  2. onlymedgrade

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    I am a CBD guy and was trying to decide the cheapest way to ingest my cbd rich strains, as it works better as a medicine that way, lasts longer and you don't have to smoke. I work 10 hour shifts on a mine and I think this is probably the best method. I just wanted to share with you my pictures from my infusion process. It's not nearly step by step, but has some photos of some of the process. I hope you guys enjoy and can learn something. The strain I used was Trident, a 2:1 cbd:thc strain that works great for my anxiety when smoked. I will have to now see how these pills work. I doubled the amount of coconut oil to 3 tsp per 1.5g of bud, to kind of water it down just in case its too strong for going to work. My intention wasn't to get "really high mannn" it was to provide myself with a constant dosed amount of CBD for my anxiety. I guess I will have to get back to you with how they work. I took one an hour ago and had one burp so far that tasted like the oil. It may be coming in now, or I may have to take another one, as I did double the solution it was in. One other thing, you will notice from the pictures, I decided to decant the oil out of the glass and get as much of the oil out of the bowl with no herb. I did okay and was able to get almost 10ml of solution. I filled a bunch of pills with the oil only and then I scooped all the remaining herb (1.5g of it) into more pills, it was soaked in oil and in some cases, was appreciable enough to see it fill part of the capsule, in one it filled half the capsule with oil. I tried to keep the levels the same throughout to have consistent medicine. 0119151318.jpg 0119151630.jpg 0119151732.jpg 0119151732a.jpg 0119152000a.jpg 0119152001.jpg 0119152008.jpg
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  3. onlymedgrade

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    and this is the capsule, not fully filled, like I said, Id rather take less and find out how many I need than take one and be on the couch
  4. Weezard

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    Akamai! (clever)
    The bread thing.
    Why didn't I think of that?
    I used table salt in a bowl to hold the caps.
    I don't recommend it and will be using bread slices now, thanks to you.

    Aloha and mahalo.
  5. dopefacing420

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    Should i decarb the weed before doing this?? And should I also preheat the crock pot before putting in the oil and weed?
  6. dopefacing420

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    Also if I wanted to add soy lethicin how and when should I add it
  7. antichemoguy

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    Maybe-but if they are on the hunt and the bag gets xrayed -the dufference in density of the caps could maybe show up ? Flying Nationally would prob get ya thru but I would be hesitantb to attempt that going International.Risky methinks-one way or another.:)
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    I found a huge one of those on ebay

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    Just made my second batch of 30 capsules. And all I can say is thank you very much!!! These things are bloody marvelous! 1g of hash for 7g of coconut oil, simmered in the slow cooker for 1 or 2 hours, i havent found any difference in strength between batches. I take 2 and then wait with a big smile on my mush. When it does kick in my smile just gets bigger until i look like some kind of fairground goon with huge furrowed eyebrows, nealy closed eys and a grin like Jimmy Saville on top of the pops!!!

    I highly recommend consuming your weed this way, it is healthier, stealthier and so much cheaper than smoking it! I did overdo it lastnight, i took 4 caps and ended up totally cabbaged right through until this evening. But a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I was most surprised as to how easy it is to make these little beauties, and due to the disgustingly high prices of weed round my way, I am now looking in to making a few hundred of these and sell them on, as I'm almost certain that if I pass a few of these around, in no time at all i will be inundated with oders. So fingers crossed :cool:
  10. Dinguschamp

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    Help! I had made these previously with success. I decarbed in an oven that time as opposed to using the crock pot method described here. This time around, I used the crock pot method and the caps had no noticeable effects.

    What do I do? I already put it all into capsules. Is there any way I can put the capsules themselves into the oven to try and decarb the weed in there? Or will it melt? I usually decarb at 220 for one hour.
  11. Quilly

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    About the pan and mixing bowl method, if using finely ground bud,how long should you put it in there for? You say to 'dissolve' it but how would that work with bud...?

    Also,why is there no need to decarb beforehand?
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  12. dirksdee

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    how much water do you put in the slow cooker? I have miracle butter machine and was wondering if I can use the oil I make in that to put in the capsules? I use it for baking but was wondering if I could use for this too?
  13. olysh

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    Yep !

    I have made 2 time this magical pills

    First i tried 12 pills with seryngee and a lot of gheeoil went out the pills
    Second time I tried to fill pills with cold ghee and it is really easy.

    I ve eaten 2 pills when I woke up. I was a litle surprised, it is really efficient. Thanks for this recipe :)

    As I ate pills with a lot of coffe (2 bowls), I had to wait near 2 hours before feeling effects.

    Thanks to talk about Green Dragon in this thread, I want to try ! :)
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  14. KeifKutter10

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    How long will these "stay good" for if stored at room temperature
  15. olysh

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    One week after, they are still efficient and good looking :awesome:
  16. KeifKutter10

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    Awesome do you think they last over a month without a refrigerator? Anyone ever tried this?
  17. O.G. Ganja Geezer

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    Howdy all. New the this group. My mild dyslexia makes it hard to read so many pages of entries, so beg your pardons if this is a repeat. I'm 65 years old and am trying this recipe for the first time with very high CBD buds...about 5:1 CBD to THC. Anyone out there have experience with this.? I am working under the assumption that whether CBD or THC the principals will be the same.
  18. olysh

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    I kept caps out of refrigerator during 15 days, and it is ok.
  19. Randall Mavencleef

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    Do you have to declarb your herb before cooking with oil?
  20. olysh

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    Hi Randall

    "the secret is to expose the bud, keif or hash to prolonged, low heat (simmering) in an oil or butter high in saturated fat"[...] If the temperature is too low you won’t convert the inactive compounds into active [...]" (page1)

    Heating at perfect temperature and time = decarb & bind


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