Cannabis Capsules – A step-by-step guide.

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by Flameon, Nov 12, 2007.

  1. Jenny71

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    Wow!!!..I'm sooooo excited to try ur method of making the capsules,my harvest will be done in a couple wks,..soooooo..ohhhh boyy..✌
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  2. Jenny71

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    Ok,so I looked on amazon for 00 gel capsules and it says NOT for use with oils...???? HELP
  3. Weezard

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    Not all oils are equal.
    Just get all the water out of the end product and the capsule will contain it.
  4. Jenny71

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    Ok..thank you!!
  5. Ike C

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    So you fill them up cap the pills by hand? or does the holder cap them?
  6. Jenny71

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    I was wondering the same thing
  7. Weezard

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    By hand here.
  8. Mike Donelly

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    Everything is so detailed. Great effort :thumbsup:
  9. ddrunner

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    Curious if anyone knows anything about adding ginseng to capsules like these? If it would work? What form of ginseng? How much? Seems like it would be a fantastic combo
  10. Chillos

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    My proceess:

    1. for 7grams flower I use 5.5 tablespoons of extra virgin coconut.

    2. decarb flowers in oven 1st for 45 minutes at 230f

    3. have coconut oil heating in crockpot to about 210f. when the oil is hot enough I then add decarb flowers. I leave the flowers in oil for about 4hrs. I do stir it every 30 minutes. During this time it is okay to see temps go up and down. Product always comes out great. Just make sure product stays within 190 - 250 degrees Fahrenheit.
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  11. Chillos

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    Did two chillos(are nickname) tonight. Just so good an relaxing. I find the indica ones to be so much more relaxing. I use 000 capsules. I average 7 per tablespoon. These chillos were gooberry x hell og.
  12. Chillos

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    *(our nickname) autocorrect should be auto-incorrect .
  13. Jaysown

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  14. MaxOvrdrv

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    Hello. And sorry i don't feel like going through this entire thread to find out if someone already asked this or not but... does the grass method require you to decarb it in the oven first or is technically decarbing in the slow cooker directly in the oil?
  15. Dmanlee

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    Here is a decarb chart do which method u like..if your eating it your decarbing it...

    I also extract with alcohol and burn off alcohol then mix with whatever oil or glycerin butter etc I choose ..Nothing extracts like pure grain alcohol..

    Many states don't sell this type of alcohol and if in canada u can pretty much find it out west or in Quebec..

    It's much more expensive and time consuming extracting first with alcohol then cooking it off and mixing it with butter oil glycerin etc and more chances to screw it up butttttt if u wanna make the best I gotta spend ...

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  16. Dmanlee

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    I forgot to mention only use my method if u can test how many mg/ml because after cooking off alcohol u could be looking at a couple mls or more of some serious thc levels like 50-80 % thc and even higher but I tend to like to smoke my best bud so the highest I've done was 72%thc..

    U need to know this to know how much oil,butter or glycerin to mix it It in with ..

    I am a seasoned consumer and most not all but most of the candies and edibles sold online don't cut it for me ...

    To sum up my method I basically make green dragon cook it down and mix it with whatever I choose ..

    I have high tolerance so I usually dose my candies and capsules 200mg plus
  17. Plumber07

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    Love the lower amounts on this recipe. I made up a batch just before Thanksgiving and took my first cap 9am. Came on 50 minutes later and lasted all day! Best Thanksgiving ever. The only thing I added is lecithin, which helps our bodies absorb more cannaboloids and decarbed the flower activating the THC (home grown cross of Brutus OG and Chemstar, Brutus Star? that had been curing five weeks). Also, I froze the oil/flower mix overnight, reheated for a few hours in a Little Dipper Crock Pot (which is what I used for five hours the day before to cook it in), cooled, strained and added to size 0 caps. One does the trick for an all day/half a night duration and one an hour before bed is lights out. Planning on making vape juice next. 20171125_131339.jpg
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  18. Plumber07

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    "...cross of Brutus OG and Chemstar, Brutus Star?"

    Maybe I shouldn't have had all those bt's of Blueberry. Brutus OG x Stardawg. Brutusdawg, I guess.

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