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Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by sundance., Apr 21, 2015.

  1. Lit Up

    Lit Up Registered+

    "Stinky was last seen April 6th, 2010." I remember she was very adamant about her not returning. A very sad day indeed.

    Maybe she has come back as a guest and had a look around now and then. Watching over us all!
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  2. Yonderboi

    Yonderboi Registered+

    I'm sure she has a time or two...
  3. Shovelhandle

    Shovelhandle Registered+

    Last time I spoke with Stinky she was still in Mass. and working in Vt. in legitimate horticulture. That was years and years ago.
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  4. sundance.

    sundance. Registered+ Staff Member

    Who else is around, check back in!
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  5. Its a Plant

    Its a Plant - - Moderator - -

    November with be 10 years for me. Hard to believe it's been that long! Definitely not around like I used to be, maybe that will change?? :cool: ~
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  6. polishpollack

    polishpollack Registered+

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  7. Shovelhandle

    Shovelhandle Registered+

    Stinky is in Az. At least as of 2013.
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  8. HigHAnneXities

    HigHAnneXities Registered+

    so I went thru some old passwords and found my way back here. hello
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  9. sundance.

    sundance. Registered+ Staff Member

    Welcome!!! We appreciate you returning! What made you check back into the site???

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  10. Dominicia

    Dominicia Registered

    That was a great time ...
  11. growdemon

    growdemon Registered+

    well if it matters... I joined these forums (newb) . because of the information I got from here. which most likely came from you guys.. I've been growing for about 10 years and growing cannabis for about 4 years. I researched for about 8 months on these forums before I took the cannabis plunge... all my research led me back to the forums.

    so thank you guys!

    and happy growing

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  12. sundance.

    sundance. Registered+ Staff Member

    Thanks for the story of how you got here, and appreciate you being a big part of our cannabis community here! Looking forward to much more involvement! thanks much
  13. HigHAnneXities

    HigHAnneXities Registered+

    I've joined a few forums, some have stayed some not ie: Marihemp. Some are 'by invitation only' and even those fall to the wayside once in a while. I had the opportunity to belong to a community of 'Bubbleheads'. Mostly I just posted in their 'What are you listening to now' section and read thru their vast knowledge and experiences. I'm not the most faithful when it comes to logging in tho....good example is the number of now defunct free Hushmail accounts I've had and lost!! Anyway I went back to check in once again and found the 'Bubbleheads' are gone. So I went to rummaging thru my old logins and passwords and wondered if the fine folks at were still here or? And that's how it starts again. Posting and reading =))
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  14. GaGrown

    GaGrown Registered+

    I been around here for a bit myself....2006... But really before then... Just that's when I joined....
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  15. boaz

    boaz Registered+

    I've been here over 8 years now! it doesn't seem possible it is that long, lol. I first started posting on the interwebs back in the days of pot-tv with the Kubby's, years and years ago, lol.
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  16. LIPTAKE2

    LIPTAKE2 Registered+

    Hi guys, LIP here! Well my other account LIPtake2.

    I first found in 2002 or 2003. Didnt join untill i beleive 2006?

    Would be nice to see some old faces, like cannabis campbell, chisme, stinky, abbatior dream, slipknot, rebgirl, my god theres so many old names i miss talking to, emily [bird girl] i miss you all!!!!

    Sadly i know some members have passed on since the good old days, may they RIP and smoke big BIG joints all day every day. :)
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  17. Shovelhandle

    Shovelhandle Registered+

    Thisisme, birdgirl73, Emily (from down under), BobBong, MastaChronic, Psycho4Bud, Weedhound and the rest sure are missed. I've been here but just barely. It's so much different, gone through a few changes and they were not good imho. But some nice folks are here also. I can't totally bag it, I have nine years of grow logs and other sites have lost a lot of photo files as my own computer has too.
  18. bonbon

    bonbon Registered+

    signed on here when Marihemp shut down along with a few other friends from there and OG,CW,that the feds eventually closed down too.. and whom Interpol,RCMP confiscated servers from.
    after that i kept a very low profile for years since my galleries and PM's got snagged too as well as some of the other original crew who were also members of those other forums.
    nice group of ole hipsters they were,a lot more friendlier,non cliquey, an void of egos an competitive attitudes,...they were always willing to help.
  19. RedLocks

    RedLocks Registered+

    I've been around for a lil bit, still stop in from time to time when I remember there is an internet
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  20. emilya

    emilya Future Dispensary Owner

    Hi RedLocks! Good to see you again!
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