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Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Dispensary' started by luciano_, Mar 9, 2016.

  1. luciano_

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    I'm looking for tips on opening a cannabis dispensary when one of the next states legalize it medically or recreationally. If someone could shoot me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated
  2. Smantha Brooks

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    Congratulations :doublethumbs: for your bold move @luciano_ . Wish you good luck for your business, and talking about the things you need to know and understand before you start working on your dispensary, here are few important points, before you get into it.
    • First of all you need to know how to grow and take care of Marijuana, you might learn it from some institute, or if you have some experience, then you can start it own your own. but if you have no or little knowledge about Marijuana cultivation, and rather than going to learn you can hire an expert who knows how to take good care of Marijuana plants.
    • You need to know and understand the laws of your state. coz every state has a different law for Marijuana legalization (keep in mind it is not FDA Approved so FDA can jump over to your place anytime). You might also need an lawyer for that, and its better to hire one. As there are many things like licensing and other paper work. A lawyer will also help you save you from many FDA officers.
    • Then there are some other things like security. You need some men who you can trust, they are not going to smoke or sell them to any other.
    • Plus there is some society issues, you might not be treated good as you deal into marijuana, so you might face some issues from relatives and might be neighbours.
    • You need to stay updated with the latest market trends for marijuana, what people like and what are the price variations among cities. Here is one good website for that, you can try for free too here.
    • And the most important thing for which you must be ready, the expenses, and the return. Truly speaking, don't expect any ROI for first 6 months. It might be slow and sluggish for the startup. But it will be very fruitful in long term.
    I wish you good luck with your business. Will wait to hear more from you.:leafbanner::dancing:
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  3. Linda Brodsky

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    Hi, friends!
    So, I think it's a time to choose my first weed clinic! [​IMG]
    But there are so many of them... Which can you suggest?
  4. raymont

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    Everywhere is making it a fight. In CA they tried to set up a good system of distribution etc,,,fell apart overnight. Good luck, I suggest to start with an attorney.
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  6. boaz

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    hey i was just curious are there rec shops open in California yet?
  7. tangentweed

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    Not quite yet.
    Med shops here in Nevada will turn to rec around July first.. so they say.. we'll see.
    Until then, growing is the only way to secure your own recreational supply.
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  8. Weezard

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    Same here.
    Medical dispensaries have been legal here since July 16th of 2016.
    Nothin' open yet!
  9. boaz

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    thank you. they are supposed to open up the med shops in Arkansas next month but we'll see.
  10. JonhWick

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    You should open in the European countries, Asia is prohibited.
    I recently traveled to Asia, and really hard to find.
  11. boaz

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    thank you! I'm hoping to come out to visit some friends there real soon. :D

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