Cannabis for weight loss?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by Purple Banana, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. Purple Banana

    Purple Banana Registered+

    I know, it sounds kind of backward with the whole munchies ordeal, but I think I have worked it out.

    Scientists say that compulsive eating, and over eating in general is deemed as addictive as crack, heroin, ect. I don't know if it's completely true, but that would explain the epidemic of obesity in this country. About 75% of the nurses I work with are considered obese- having proper medical training, and knowing full well the consequenses of being overweight, I can see the addiction potential.

    Scientists have shown eating stimulates seratonin release in the brain, and all of those other feel-good chemicals as well. The overeater can build a tolerance, persay, to the amount and types of food that trigger these chemical releases in the brain. This leads to eating more to get that feel-good chemical release in the brain, not unlike a heroin addict's need for more heroin to feel the same.

    Heroin and overeating can both kill you, though, in a matter of time, the heroin will probably do you in faster. Overeating for a long period of time raises your cholesterol, risk for diabetes, heart issues, and a myriad of problems.

    New studies have shown relatively good success in weaning heroin addicts off heroin by using cannabis. Methadone for both crack and heroin users used to be the ideal treatment, but the users simply went from one addiction to the next. Methadone is very bad for the body, but has a lower risk of fatality. Cannabis delivers that feel-good sensation, while helping the body to recover from harder drugs.

    Because cannabis delivers those neurotransmitters more effectively than food consumption, could it possibly be used for weight loss?

    Munchies come up a good deal as a side effect of smoking cannabis, however, I have found there are some strains that don't give me the munchies; others make me want to eat like a fiend. If we could isolate a certain strain that doesn't cause munchies as severly, this could actually work.

    What are your thoughts on this?
  2. Chainsaw1234

    Chainsaw1234 Registered+

    hmm possibility! i might try it, what do i do, smoke when im hungry??
  3. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    Well I'm on it!
    I'm on a beer vacation until I lose a bunch of weight. Using the ganj instead. Even with munchies I expect success! And My neighbor is doing it with me. We're having a contest!
    Alcohol is wicked fattening.
  4. MastaChronic

    MastaChronic Banned

    ive done it, the shrink doctors had me on antidepressants and shit for bipolar and the pills made me gain weight.
    then i quit using them, started eating just one meal a day and started smoking a whole lot more weed. weed raises the metabolism (i think, i could be wrong) and the heightened metablic rate plus the lack of food forced my body to consume its fat reserves and im now skinny as a mofo. i still only eat one meal a day.
  5. Purple Banana

    Purple Banana Registered+

    I'm assuming find a food you like that's really low calorie, that you can munch on, and drink a lot of a low calorie drink (not diet, diet drinks are bad for you)

    I'll have more information as my experiment progresses...
  6. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    If weed can cause weight lose then I need to quit smoking because I'm already underweight for my age lol.
  7. Purple Banana

    Purple Banana Registered+

    LOL, I'm nto saying it CAUSES weight loss, but it's a good indicator. This past week, I've been smoking about .5 gm every day (rare for me), and I only eat maybe 400 calories per day? Whereas normally, I'd have to eat about 1500. I've lost like 7 pounds this week, I love it.
  8. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    That's REALLY unhealthy.
    Your weigfht loss has nothing to do with weed.. you're starving yourself!!!
    You need to eat a MINIMUM of 800 calories a day to not put yourself at risk for malnutrition, etc.
    Consume QUALITY calories instead of fewer.
    If you did a program like weight watchers they would yell at you and say to go home and eat something.
  9. MastaChronic

    MastaChronic Banned

    GO HOME AND EAT SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol
  10. dutch.lover

    dutch.lover Registered+

    If you wanna lose weight do it the healthy way. Eat a well-balanced, low fat (ie healthy) diet, get plenty of exercise, and try to stay as destressed as possible. Not only is this healthier, it is probably more effective and pleasant than starving yourself. Plus, you think eating 400 calories a day is helping you out- guess again. If you get your body used to so little calories, then you get to the weight you want and start eating normally again- you will balloon up. Literally, you will pack on a lot of weight once you quit your 'diet'. You don't want to put yourself into a vicious circle like that.
  11. Purple Banana

    Purple Banana Registered+

    I'm sorry, I should have clarified :p

    I eat about 3000 calories per day normally, and now I only eat around 2000. I am into competetive swimming, so it ends up being about 400 calories left over at the end, as I burn about 2000 calories per workout :p

    I've been swimming for years, and never lost weight until I started smoking more often as of late. I would never (nor could ever) eat only 400 calories per day. But I believe it does supress hunger.
  12. dutch.lover

    dutch.lover Registered+

    I munch out really bad at night when i smoke, and i have been doing this every night for the past 4 months- and i haven't gained any weight. i don't particularily get a lot of exercise- so maybe smoking weed is what keeps me svelte.
  13. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    I am on day 3 of no alcohol and just the ganj...
    Eating the same... last night I had a big greasy pork roast thing that my neighbor cooked, with spaghetti-squash and potato pancakes.
    Dropped 3 pounds already!
    I guess it's true that that beer with dinner DOES make your body metabolize fat differently! It wasn't like I was drinking more than a beer or 2 a night even. So the difference is only about 200 calories a day... but no alcohol.
  14. thcbongman

    thcbongman Registered+

    Weight fluctuates given how much water is in your system. Weight yourself at the same point each week (ex. monday, before breakfast) to give yourself the approximate correct weight.

    Don't mean to discourage you in anyway!!! Those beers do it for ya, cut that out, and you'll lose weight in no time.

    But for those that eat 1 meal, or less than 1000 calories, bad move, you are only weakening your metabolism.

    If you want to lose fat, lift weight first, then run. In that order, you'll build muscle, and burn fat at the same time. Just don't do too much cardio that it'll waste your entire strength training for the day.
  15. Purple Banana

    Purple Banana Registered+

    "Hey, man, after I weight train for about an hour, I have to smoke a blunt. It's part of the new weight loss regimen..."

    Yeah, lifting weights allows your body to metabolize things faster and more efficiently, especially glucose.
  16. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    I weigh myself at the same time of day... always first thing in the morning.
  17. Splifted

    Splifted Registered+

    Everything i've ever read about weight loss suggests that if you lose a lot of weight by starving yourself/eating one meal a day, 6-8 out of 10 of the lbs you lose is muscle. You are much better off eating 5-6 smaller, balanced meals a day. It speeds up the metabolism, eating 1 meal a day slows it down, so although you may lose weight, you will be losing mostly muscle & a little fat.
  18. Dutch Pimp

    Dutch Pimp Up in Smoke

    ...I my's the harvest time....not the strain...that causes the munchies.....early harvest= munchies......late havest= no munchies (too stoned to eat) that way for me....enjoy..
  19. Clairey

    Clairey Registered

    Before I had my Daughter I lost over 2 stone just by smoking weed daily and I eat like a pig on it lol
  20. Web Smoker

    Web Smoker Registered+

    Cannibis raises you heatrate soo if you dont eat munchies after you smoke you will lose weight...... try smoking before bed and dont eat

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