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    Hello fellow cannabis connisuers,

    I was fucking around with some ingredients the other day while i was making some cannabutter, and came up with a rather tasty warm tea recipe perfect for right before bed or when your not feeling so hot, or like me for whenever im trying to get fucked up haha

    This is for around 10 OZ of tea (1 glass) to make more just multiply

    I used Stems and Mids for this batch as I was making butter, You can use dank if you want

    about 7 grams of stems and 2 grams of good mids
    10 OZ water
    1 TBLS butter
    4 TBLS Milk
    1 TBLS honey

    Grind up Stems and Bud,

    Boil water, add stems and bud once water is boiling let boil for around 5 or 8 min and turn down to md or so the water is hot but not boiling and let it cook there for about 30 or 45 min

    strain the water from the bud and such, i ualuminum foil with holes pked in it so i can squezze the al fil ball and all make sure everything is out of the bud

    add the butter, the mlk and the honey to the now full of THC water and let cook for about 10 min on med lo

    Pour into mug or cup then add sugar (as much as needed,like coffee)

    It has like a sweet cannabis taste and goes down really smooth and warms you up from the inside out. try it, experiment with dif amounts of bud or whatever and make your own
  2. redtails

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    You do know that THC isn't water soluble right? It will however disolve into the butter or milk (fat) if you boil the bud with those & the water...
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    Well thanks for repeating what ive already written, do you think i would add butter to my tea if i didnt know it wasnt water soluble, the water extracts it from the bud and stems it doesnt absorb it, but it extracts it, then when you "add the milk butter and honey and letcook for ten more mintes the THC gets absorbed by the butter"...I was looking foward to a good response, then i got that, thanks mate
  4. lifted247

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    try googling water extract method it will explain it better so you understand how it works.
  5. McLuvin

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    Thanks for the recipe. I passed it along to my 76 year old father to help with his pain and to help him sleep.
  6. lifted247

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    awesome mcluvin

    thats great to hear mcluvin, i hope that helps. It has proven great for my back pain, and i never toucha tylenol pm or sleepin pill at all. its such bullshit most of us cant legally do that
  7. khyberkitsune

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    Water will solve approximately 2.6% of THC in cannabis. After that it is saturated and will hold no more.

    Easier to do an alcohol extraction, let the alcohol evaporate off, make a solution of that mixed with butter, then proceeded to make the tea from there. It would take more time but you'd have a readily-accessible supply of oils/extract to just drop into butter and roll!
  8. lifted247

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    ok 2 things, i understand i could make butter or rolls, but the point of this lol was to show how to make tea, second when you say water only etracts 2.6 what do you mean, 2.6% per gram of bud, 2.6 % per ounce of water? i just fid thata very unusual statistic.
  9. redtails

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    Ok, I was just trying to help but the water "extraction" isn't going to do much compared to if you just add the butter to the water in the beginning to absorb the cannabinoid oils...An open mind never hurts, especially when more than one person is trying to tell you that your recipe isn't the best it could be so lighten up man & learn something...Try googling hot buttered bhang if you want a drink that works better.
  10. lifted247

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    Ah yes

    You are very correct, an open mind never hurts, sounds like you need to heed your own advice. If I wanted to make hot butter bahng, i would have, i am perfectly capable of googling someone elses recipes. Have you tried the water extraction method? have you tried this recipe? Ive triedthe way your talking about dozens of times, I am fuly aware of how to extract THC, did you even think of considering it at all?
    I read this somewhere once
    "take everything with a grain of salt, no one knows everything, and everybody knows nothing."
  11. t3hn00b137

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    What do these people not understand? I don't mean to be rude, but lifted posted his creation and everyone tries threadjacking or attempting to persuade the guy that he is wrong.

    If you wanted to argue about how to extract or the solubility of thc then why did you look under a post listed as a recipe for tea?

    BTW, great recipe lifted247. It is really easy and tastes great.


    P.S. Sorry for the rant.
  12. McLuvin

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    Okay, I do not want to start a whole thing about this but I do want to find a nice tasting, mellow tea for my father, that will give him the pain relief he needs, but not make him feel all dopey. He has tried an edible and he did not like the feeling it gave him but I think a nice mellow tea mixture might work.
  13. lifted247

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    Thanks T3HN00,
    I was wondering the same thing, I was just trying to post a simple recipe for tea, If you know a different recipe, great, post it! thats not what this thread was for lol, Im very glad you like it. I have an extremely open mind and am always open to learning new things, but there are different threads for that, it seems every thread eventually gets hijacked by "know it alls" and turns into a heated debate on wether its good or not whats with that?.
    Mcluvin, try this tea out for your father, if it doesnt work the way you need it to you can always mess with the recipe a little.
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  14. redtails

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    Haha, yup. Sorry man, I've just been having a bad week and I guess got a little snippy. Thanks for pointing that out. I've tried water extraction before & I guess I just didn't think it worked because like McLuvin said it's more of a mellow tea that didn't make me "feel" the THC working because I'm so used to the high from higher concentrations. I don't doubt that some of the active cannabinoids make it through and the tea tastes great, I just think that if the butter were added to the water/bud it might be a less wasteful way to make it (i.e. less bud used). Good effort for the creativity, the best recipes are always ones you come up with on your own.
  15. lifted247

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    Cool bro,
    Yeah man, sorry its been such a rough week for ya, hope things get better. Yeah it might work better that way, i havent tried it yet, but i definately will. sometimes i feel like we dont listen to our own advice enough till someone else points it out lol Im stubborn as hell to sometimes. + rep for you redtails. Got any oher cool recipes?
  16. bubadutep75

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    Great idea hadnt thought about it, trying to get healthy I am going to make some and add some sweet sumac "not the poison kind" I make it when i camp and its awesome.

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