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    Is there any cannabis jobs in new mexico right now? And does anybody know wheres the nearest medical cannabis collage or where i can find info regarding that?

    THANK YOU :hippy:
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    Curious to See

    Having ran the numbers I do not know how you could really have employees as a producer.

    One would be the max but the bottom line will be very little if you were doing it legally in NM. :(

    I guess you could be a caregiver if someone needed it. Remember care givers in NM can only help the patient they can not grow for them.

    I would think the person would have to be in really bad shape not to be able to do it for themselves.
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    How Does One Go About Becoming A LICENSE Care Giver For Medical Patient?
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    Care Giver Application

    Care Giver Application

    Caregivers cannot produce medical cannabis for patients. Caregivers can only help patients produce medical cannabis at the patient’s residence or on the patient’s property.

    Q: What is a caregiver?
    A: A caregiver is someone who a patient empowers to help them manage their medical care and medication. Registered caregivers are issued cards that allow them to possess, but not to use, up to six (6) ounces of medical cannabis on behalf of their patient. Caregivers cannot produce medical cannabis for patients. Caregivers can, however, help patients grow under the terms specified in the patient’s application for a production license.

    Q: Can a caregiver register in the Medical Cannabis Program?
    A: Yes. Your caregiver can apply to the Medical Cannabis Program. Registered caregivers are issued cards that protect them from arrest and prosecution for the possession of medical cannabis under State Law. All caregiver applicants are required to undergo background checks before they are approved.
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    THANK YOU for the info
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    Cannabis College

    I hear there was a "Cannabusiness" degree being offered by someone in Santa Fe. I do know there are some classes and instructions being held in Santa Fe by several folks, and to be involved with that crowd is probably the best route to working in the least in THIS area.

    Right now I believe everyone is basically doing it for the love of the leaf. People are offering time and assistance to those who need it to get started growing. There are several instructional guides out that you can get for cheap, and it is very possible to get plant material to start with if you are willing to be patient for a few days.

    The hydroponic business is the business that will be profitable right now. Lots of lights and systems are being bought. Soil and buckets are FLYING off the shelves. With a small investment a fellow could have a nice business going.
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