Cannabis oil Prices in UK?

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by king cola, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. king cola

    king cola Registered+

    yo peoples,
    jus picked up a gram of really really nice oil, and the person i brought it off is trustworthy (i think), jus wanted to check the price of a gram because i have know idea of what prices are, i know its pricey, and i payed £25 for a gram, does that sound about an ok price?
    honest please, no shit like "oh well uve been ripped off lark cuz i know the worlds biggest dealer so i get it for 10p an ounce......etc"

    cheers dudes
  2. Funken Monken

    Funken Monken Registered+

    No, its sounds like your trustworthy friends is still trust worthy.

    Where abouts are you? Last time I saw oil floating around was nearly 8 years ago, that stuff is like rocking horse poo
  3. king cola

    king cola Registered+

    im in the west mids, its the first time ive seen oil going about in about 3 years, too bad i caned my gram!! twas nice as rice!
  4. Kid Dynamite

    Kid Dynamite Registered+

    you lucky cunt. Ive never seen oil, but id love to give it a try.
  5. anycraic

    anycraic Registered+

    cucky lunt indeed
  6. Glydr

    Glydr Registered

    Yeah Ive never seen oil either, unless its the black shit you scrape out of a pipe, google search for honey bee extractor, you'll see how to make your own but you'll need a honey bee extractor to do it.
  7. abcmofo

    abcmofo Registered+

    get in touch if ya can sort that shit out. would more than appreciate it. i grow nice bud - perhaps we could help each other out?! had some good stuff bout 2 yrs ago. a friend paid £100 for an 1/8, but it certainly seemed to last........for a couple o days any way. email: P.S i have no smoke and am desperate!!!!!!!!!!!! please help if ya can
  8. BUZz UK

    BUZz UK Registered+

    where in the uk are ya? maybe i could help....
  9. abcmofo

    abcmofo Registered+

    im in leeds m8, would much appreciate any help. ive got loads of cuttings - all girls - if these are of any use to ya
  10. skinupsimon

    skinupsimon Registered+

    na, wots left is resadue in a pipe, we're talkin oils here...........get a rizla soaked in oils, & smoke the bloody thing............mmmmmmmmmm yum! ;)
  11. hoodedclum

    hoodedclum Registered+

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  12. miccheck

    miccheck Registered+

    if you grow your own you can do a Butane or ISO extraction and make your own oil,..... good use for stems and trim....
  13. abcmofo

    abcmofo Registered+

    i use those bits for me ice hash, even nicer!!!!!!!

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