Cannabis oil to cure benign brain tumor?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by Anderslunddk, Jun 10, 2015.

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    That is NOT Rick's email address.
    Cintoa Paola is attempting a scam.
    This thread is getting spammed by scams.

    @ Emilya;
    Mahalo nui loa!
    Posted while I was hunting for my copy. :D

    If you wish to contact Mr. Simpson goto

    Wee 'zard
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    This is not the correct Rick Simpson Site.
    The only Rick Simpson Site is . NEVER buy the oil on line. It most likely will be a scam.
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    Sorry for the delay we are still trying to clean up from this guy. We appreciate all your help with the reports.
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    Anyone that is interested in learning how other people take the oil for brain cancer or other serious conditions, try listening to a great podcast called Cannabis Health Radio. Fantastic info and it will help you when it comes to knowing how to dose.
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    Read this:

    I'll give you some personal experience,
    Last year I lost my father due to Stage 4 cancer. There where no symptoms until it was too late. He was the first from the family to immigrate to America in the early 70's. Stubborn and a very heavy smoker. Cancer is rare in the home land, and everyone grows and smokes their own tobacco. They also regularly live to be over 80yrs old, unfortunately, the tobacco here is not the same as back home.

    When he was diagnosed, he had multiple tumors,
    • 4 in his head one of which was massive the other where about the size of a quarter
    • multiple in his lungs
    • Tumor larger than a softball in the bladder, along with 2 others
    Having a large family, we all tried everything we could, from scorpion venom to herbal concoctions. My contribution was cannabis oil which I made at home. I had to sneak it into anything I could from a cup of coffee to buttered rolls. I knew that if he or anyone else found out, that would be the end of it.

    After few weeks into his (conventional) treatment and my relentless dosing, he was up for surgery to remove the large tumor in his bladder. The operation went quicker then expected and the surgeon commented on how small the tumor had become. That, they might have even been able to avoid the operation totally.

    A rescan was done, the smaller tumors in his head had completely disappeared, the lung tumors all shrunk, his bladder was practically tumor free. We didn't know what helped, so we continued with chemo+radiation as prescribed. We also continued all "at home" treatments.

    A family member cough wind of what I was doing, made a big deal of it. My father was very upset and didn't trust any thing I gave him. That was the end of the cannabis oil. He continued with all else and seemed to be doing fine for a time. Then all the tumors started to regrow and appear in new places (side effect of chemo). He passed about a year and a half after being diagnosed.

    Do I personally believe cannabis oil works, YES!

    Unfortunately, fear of death or losing a loved one, along with the stigma that still surrounds cannabis. We tend to overly rely on authority figures in lab coats in blue uniforms with badges.

    The evidence is overwhelming, here are some links to + Cancer.Gov :
    Cannabis Anti Tumor effect
    Anti-tumoral action of cannabinoids on hepatocellular carcinoma
    Anandamide, Delta(9)-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), HU-210, and Win55,212-2 promote mitogenic kinase signaling in cancer cells
    cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system are implicated in inhibiting cancer cell proliferation and angiogenesis, reducing tumor growth and metastases, and inducing apoptosis.
    I'm not a doctor, this is not medical advice, ultimately you do what you think is right. I'm just sharing my experience and personal opinion. Along with Officially documented research linked above!

    Here is the video that I used to learn how to make RSO:
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