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Discussion in 'Edibles' started by Talwin, Sep 26, 2008.

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    I have a supposdley very potent cannabis olive oil. my question is can i replace the butter in browines or baked goods with this oil? or do i use regular butter and then just add the oil into the mixture? Also from what ive been told the oven has to be less then 375 degrees or it will waste the thc.

    I look forward to hearing from you guys.

    Also if anyone knows a quick and easy brownie recipie i'd really appreciate it.

    thanks in advance.
  2. Coelho

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    Well... if the amount of canna oil you want to put in the recipe were smaller enough than the amount of butter required, you can just add the oil to the butter.
    But if the amounts of canna oil and butter were close, it would be better to replace the butter with the oil, cause if you added both the amount of total fat in the recipe would be almost doubled and this could mess with the recipe.
    There is plenty of brownie recipes in this forums... or if you want to try something very easy and VERY enjoyable, try this...


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    What he^ said. Replace the fat in the recipe, whether butter or oil, with your olive oil. If you don't have as much oil as the recipe calls for, make up the difference with regular stuff.

    Olive oil & butter behave differently, especially in baking, so they're not exactly interchangeable, but for the purposes of a batch of brownies... close enough for rock&roll.
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    I use unsalted butter when making brownies, etc ... last batch, I used oil instead of the butter ... worked fine, but the brownies seemed 'oily' :wtf: ... I will go back to using unsalted butter next time ... BUT, if I specifically wanted oil-based, maybe for a topical liniment or something, I would use the olive oil :jointsmile:
  5. imtattoolips

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    would you please share the recipe for the oil. the brownie mix i use calls for oil - but not olive oil. I would like to use canola oil.
  6. ricymardona

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    Thank you very much for sharing this topic. It was excellent and very informative.
  7. David Davis

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    Cannabis and olive oil? I would never guess to mix it
  8. Marshall Durst

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    Hm! Interest, how does it taste?
  9. Stonified

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    Olive oil is kind of strong tasting. I wonder how much it affected the taste of the brownies. I know this post is kind of old so you may not remember but did you try it?
  10. AlisonDiaz

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    In baking, butter has different properties from oil, so I think it is not really advisable to interchange these two. And cannabis olive oil is far healthier than butter :)

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