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Discussion in 'Northern California' started by death2sukas, Mar 5, 2010.

  1. death2sukas

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    I've noticed on craigslist prop 215 sb 420 ads are everywhere. some even offering delivery...some even have great prices (seen someone selling lb's for 1600-2000) great deals.

    how legal is this if you are a medical marijuana cardholder? (i'm a cardholder).

    How SAFE is it? anyone that can speak from experience?

    i was looking to get rid of my extra of CL but wanted to know what to expect. are there more shady people than decent/honest people?

    what to watch out for???

    any and all help would be great.

    if you havent seen it on CL just go to their site (choose ur metro area) and click for sale and just type in any of the following, "marijuana" "prop 215" "420" "clones" etc. and you will find a bunch of ads.

    i want EVERYONES opinion on this!!!
  2. ShastaCoMan

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    i wouldnt buy SHIT over craigslist. reason? dont know what your getting. maybe someones idea of a sick joke laced up with PCP or LSD or something.

    either grow your own, buy from someone you know or buy from actual REPUTABLE collectives.
  3. death2sukas

    death2sukas Registered+

    good point. you never know. with people you know its still kinda iffy...especially if you get it from people you know who get their supply from outside sources. you never know how reliable their connection is.

    im also curious on your opinion of distributing to prop 215 patients in need through craigslist.

    how safe do you think that is? even in meeting in a public place (ie. a grocery store, coffee shop, etc.)
  4. ShastaCoMan

    ShastaCoMan Banned

    bro, personally, i wouldnt do it. if you stuff is fire, you shouldnt have any problem just getting rid of any extra thru friends and dispensaries
  5. drumbum420

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    I would not advertise at all as atm in WA state sales are illegal. If you advertise all your doing is letting the law know where you are and they can and will come get you. deal with the collectives or people you know only and never (until the laws are changed) advertise.
  6. 4harley

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    first off ya dont do sales over the net or to a med patient period. but you can
    ask for reasonable compensation in the form of a donation,if your a med patient for a med patient. go to canorml and
    you will find california carefully all the state provisions.
    check nugtrader,or budtrader.use common sence.some people do get ripped off but not all.there are alot of honest people doing this online.become a california med patient if you can.become state legal.

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