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    OK everyone, I want to start a thread in order to put a list together of which seed companies take CREDIT or DEBIT CARD. Please don't list those that take Bitcoin or Cash ONLY. Not interested in those. This list should help out many growers purchase seeds The American Way !!! So far I've found 2 companies where you can buy seeds by credit / debit card so I will start the list. Please add to the list if you have knowledge of other companies. Thanks !!!
    (Discreet Seeds) Herbies seeds gave me this info & said it was their sister company. I guess so since Discreet seeds address is 34 St. James St. & Herbies is 36 - 38 St. James St. (next door neighbors) The deals & seed prices here are pretty darn good. You can buy 1 seed / 3 seeds / or whatever qty. you want. Free Seeds with every purchase. They take Credit / Debit Card for sure as I did it personally.

    (ILGM) Robert Bergmans also takes Credit / Debit Card. I haven't ordered from there as you have to buy the seeds in 10 packs. The prices & deals are just So - So.

    These are the only 2 I've found so far but I'm sure there has to be more. A list of these companies would be helpful to everyone.
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    Thanks DBG ... Good to know & I'll check out those sites.

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