Cannabis stores don't open till 2014, where can I get cannabis until then?

Discussion in 'Colorado (CO)' started by Bigbud911, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. Bigbud911

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    Amendment 64 is going into effect Dec. 6th, stores won't be opened until 2014. So that leaves Colorado cannabis legal for a year without a place to buy, my question is how can someone purchase during that year without having red card or purchasing from an illegal source? :wtf: I grow myself so I'm not worried, but a lot of people are going to want to buy legally who don't have red card or grow.:stoned:
  2. colagal

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    A lot depends upon what the Justice Department does. Read this: Law, Science, and the Coming Brawl Over Marijuana - Andrew Cohen - The Atlantic

    They will eventually take a stance, and, as the law professor from DU speculates, "I can imagine the Justice Department telling the states that it will continue to grudgingly permit the states to continue with medical marijuana but that full legalization is a bridge too far."
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  3. senorx12562

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    Once the results of the election are certified, I believe you can buy it anywhere you want. As far as state law goes, possession of 1 oz. or less is legal regardless of where you get it. At this point, although selling outside the contemplated regulatory scheme will remain illegal, buying it, or having it given to you, is not.
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  4. colagal

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    I don't think you can buy it anywhere you want. The way I read the amendment, dispensaries are still limited in selling only to registered patients. Here is the reference: (7) Medical marijuana provisions unaffected. NOTHING IN THIS SECTION SHALL BE CONSTRUED: (b) TO PERMIT A MEDICAL MARIJUANA CENTER TO DISTRIBUTE MARIJUANA TO A PERSON WHO IS NOT A MEDICAL MARIJUANA PATIENT;

    Do you read that differently? Also, caregivers are limited similarly; therefore, I think the only source to legally buy from are people who grow and who are not caregivers or dispensaries or grow ops for dispensaries. How you find these people....?
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  5. senorx12562

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    My point was that just because it's illegal for the seller to sell it, it is not illegal for the purchaser to have it. In other words, the illegality of the transaction for the seller does not taint, and thereby make illegal, the purchase or possession of cannabis by the buyer/recipient; there is no longer such a thing as an illegal source for the recipient. As an aside, I find it amusing that the existence of dispensaries has suddenly made people unable to find pot from another source.
  6. colagal

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    This whole thing is amusing and weird. Perhaps another way to look at this is, at this point, one can legally "possess" (without remuneration) marijuana from anyone over 21. For someone who does not grow their own marijuana may have a little difficulty "purchasing" since the selling part is illegal, although that may not be such a stumbling block given how versatile the marketplace is...anyway, in the meantime, there is some uncertainty and hesitation since most municipalities and counties are in a wait-and-see mode. So, until the Fed makes its stance known, there will probably be many growers making themselves available to the public.
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  7. SoCoMMJ

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    They already do that. It's called the black market.
    Selling Marijuana without a license from the state will continue to be a felony.

    It's kind of like before there were dispensaries... it's legal for you to buy anywhere and then possess, but illegal for anybody to sell it to you.

    Buying marijuana is usually not a problem. Everybody knows somebody :) You will just never be able to buy from a Medical Dispensary without a red card. Retail shops to consumers is slated for early 2014.
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  8. painretreat

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    That is what the politicians say, when crying to them for medicinal legalization. I personally, did not and would not, if it weren't for legal mmj.

    As much as that statement, is common. It just ain't so! Or, maybe, only in Colorado? :stoned: pr
  9. copobo

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    everyone likely does know someone, but if you keep it big secret chances are you don't know who it is you know..
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  10. boaz

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    yeah, that is what this reminds me of too. It is legal to posses but illegal to sell, which means the assumption is it will have to fall like mana from heaven :jointsmile: , unless you can grow your own. I guess thats better than nothing but I think it really leave a grey area that will likely get filled one way or another. Please let us all know how it works out, many of us out of stater's are watching closely.
  11. boaz

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    one thing we should look at is how alcohol prohibition was ended. As many of you know, the State of New York dropped all of their local state laws against alcohol prohibition 13 years before the end of federal prohibition. I wonder how they enacted their laws back then? I wonder if the feds threatened to 'trump' their rights back then?

    I don't think so, instead, in contrast, after California and some other states followed suite, the feds dropped their federal alcohol prohibition laws, one would assume, to be more in touch with the reality on the ground. This is the way our federalist system was designed to work. National policy comes from the ground up not from the top of the pyramid down.

    The problem now, imo, is the feds are so corrupt that they will do anything possible to protect their black market profits. our federal gov't is nothing more than a mafia :twocents:
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  12. senorx12562

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    Ironically, Colorado was one of the early States to repeal its analog to the 18th Amendment, so we've thumbed our noses at the Feds before. The Federal government cannot force Colorado law enforcement officers to enforce Federal laws, and any attempt to do so would be unprecedented and almost assuredly unconstitutional. The Feds can enforce Federal law in Colorado, but they will have to get convictions from Colorado juries. The resources required to police Federal marijuana laws using only Federal cops make it prohibitive. I think its time for some training of the public on the availability of jury nullification. I believe the District Attorneys of at least Denver and Boulder have stopped filing possession cases and made announcements to that effect. I do suspect that the Feds will attempt to take some action against open pot retailing at stores, but since the law specifically allows growing one's own cannabis and specifically allows giving it away, in the end it will be like pissing in the ocean for them to bother. I expect that we are also about to revisit the Commerce Clause.
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  13. colagal

    colagal Banned

    This is indeed the crux of the matter. In the New York magazine, Benjamin Wallace-Wells has a long article about the failure of the War on Drugs, in which he says, “Without really acknowledging it, we are beginning to experiment with a negotiated surrender. Hanging over these policy changes is the still-to-be-determined reaction of the Obama administration, which hasn’t yet said whether it plans to send DEA agents to crack down on the businesses these laws allow for, or the growing operations they’ll produce." The assumption being that the administration will probably try to set some kind of policy course intended to be as low-key and neutral as possible, neither giving Colorado or Washington the green light to proceed as their new laws envision, nor embarking on some kind of dramatic and visible crackdown.

    "Obama has been a continuing disappointment to his supporters who favor legalization, but there’s a kind of inverse Nixon-to-China thing going on with him. As the first president who admits to being an enthusiastic pot smoker in his youth (and of course the first black president), he’ll be the last person to begin the dismantling of the War on Drugs. But maybe, bit by bit, it’ll happen without him."

    Unfortunately, without a clear stance from Washington, municipalities and counties will have to do something by July 2013, and that something will most likely be to ban retail stores and marijuana cultivation for retail stores for fear of eventually running afoul of the Fed.
  14. king of the world

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    I'm not from Colorado or Washington state, but the way I have interpreted the situation is; Even though you are not allowed to sell marijuana, anyone of legal age could grow marijuana and anyone growing marijuana can "give away" marijuana to anyone that is of legal age.(correct?).

    So even though you can't buy it in stores yet, you are allowed to grow on your own, and if you cannot grow on your own anyone that is growing mj can legally "give away" some of their mj.
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  15. colagal

    colagal Banned

    Yep...that is basically correct. Grow limit is 6 plants.
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  16. boaz

    boaz Registered+

    I wonder if someone can buy clones or seeds, since its legal to grow your own. Or, maybe these have to be given away, too, to stay out the fed's radar?

    I too am watching from out of state and may be moving there soon so I can start gardening again legally.

    edit: I guess seeds aren't really that hard to get now anyway, just order them online.
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  17. A.R.

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    I noticed above that someone said there's a black market. I realize that there probably is one for just actual pot but is there a black market for edibles? I don't smoke, and can't smoke anyway when I need to use it, but about 3 years ago I tried a lozenge which worked amazingly well and recently a friend from California managed to get me a second sample which also worked extremely well. I don't live in Colorado, but my neurosurgeon is in Denver, and I will be going about once a year. I figured with the relaxed laws, now, maybe I will be able to buy it, but I understand it still can't be sold!! So I am sort of stuck. When I am having an episode, I can't smoke anyway not that I would, and fiddling around with a vaporizer from what I understand is probably beyond my scope. Putting a lozenge on my tongue that dissolves and requires no actual conscious thought on my part would be perfect -- the problem is GETTING It. At one point my husband I were actually considering trying to get a place in Colorado, but the proved not feasible, now with it being legal, I thought ..maybe, but it appears that's not going to work either since it can't be sold! Kind of coming to the end of my rope and looking for suggestions??

    Is there a black market for lozenges? or is it just for the smoking kind? I don't expect anyone to tell me "why yes Bob smith sells it out of the back of his buick" but if someone could just give me a general idea of what my options might be, I'd appreciate it. I've actually considered moving to Colorado, but unfortunately the altitude and weather would do me in. Thanks for any help.
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  18. still blazin

    still blazin Registered

    You could just buy some weed and make them yourself, if you can get the recipe. Also, you are forgetting a word in a few places. You can't buy it yet, but you will be able to sooner or later. Just hang in there! :)
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  19. colagal

    colagal Banned

    It is possible that there may be some caregivers (Medical Marijuana Caregivers by State) (also check the State Registry - Center for Health & Environment Information and Statistics - Caregivers) out there who may consider your situation, especially since it appears that you have a qualifying medical condition. Of course, there are a few more hoops to jump through to get a card, but that may be a start...
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  20. A.R.

    A.R. Registered+

    Thanks, I appreciate the list and the help from the two posters above. I feel kind of weird contacting people and going "hey, want to sell to me under the table" but that may end up being what I have to do. We looked into "renting" a place by the year, so I could have an address there and apply for my red card, but there ended up being all kinds of legal scenarios with having "residency" in colorado and other "permanent address" in another state issues for our business and we weren't sure we could adequately navigate the tax issues, etc.

    I sometimes feel like standing outside a pot store and going, hey, Ill give you a hundred bucks to go buy this list for me, but then I figure...what are the chances they'd actually come back with what I ordered and not take the money and run! LOL.

    Anyway, thanks for the help. It drives me crazy sometimes. I am on just about every prescription med known to man for pain and they don't do crap, it really pisses me off that a freaking plant works, and I can't grow it! Well not that I could grow it with my black thumb but you know what I mean. I tried making a tincture with regular pot, but unfortunately when I tried to swallow it, and apply it under my tongue, well... I have bad nausea when I am having an episode and it ended up being thrown up before I could get enough in. That sometimes happens with my pain pills too, which is why I think the lozenge things or hard candy is a perfect solution for me.

    I'm going back for a check up in April so I have time to figure out a solution by then. Thanks again for your help.
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