Cannabis Withdrawal Symptoms

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by Dave Canvey, Aug 22, 2006.

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    I'm 23, smoke cig's and weed - about 20 cigs/day and about a gram a day of weed.

    I haven't smoked a joint since Saturday night, I'm a heavy user 4-8 spliffs a day, say .25 grams per joint during the week and then anywhere between 1/8 oz and 1/4 oz on the weekends. I haven't been without weed since about september last year, during that time I had the same problem as what I'm about to describe.

    Last night (Monday night) I was getting hold and cold flashes, sweating and felt very nauseated. Every time I laid down to go to sleep I would get so hot that I would have to go outside and cool down. Strange, but when I was sitting up I wasn't getting as hot. A couple of times I got really hot, sweated quite a lot and then was very very cold. I went for an hour long walk at 6am because I couldn't sleep, I got back and I was still getting the hot and cold flashes and wasn't able to sleep. I was feeling nausea and eventually was sick. I eventually passed out rather than went to sleep at around 8am or 9am. I'm still getting the hot flashes as I type this message.

    Last time this happend it passed in a few days. Now I'm seriously wanting to give all this up, but I don't feel like I have the power too. I wonder if anyone else has had any experiences like mine. A mate of mine who I smoke with on a regular basis says he hasn't had this happen to him, but he doesn't smoke as much as I do during the week, he does at the weekends.

    I went to my doctor, but he didn't seem to care or be able to speak very good english so thats pretty much a dead-end.

    I've read about a few symptoms of withdrawal from cannabis and a lot of other stuff saying there isn't any withdrawal symptoms associated with cannabis. I'm wondering whether this is a way for my body to "flush out" the toxins that it couldn't do while I kept topping up my THC. I've read that other drugs cause these types of symptoms.

    I've also been getting quite bad chest pains for about 6 months - all this should make me want to stop, but it doesn't - I don't feel like I have control.

    Does anyone else share these experiences or have any advice, I feel lost and I don't know what to do.

  2. buddymyfriend

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    Find something else to fill the time you would've spent smoking, failing that why not try crack? Jest kiddin, go back to the quack and demand some answers/help!! The first few weeks will be the worst, but once you hit 2 weeks it's easy street from then on!!

    Peace n Good Luck:thumbsup:

  3. Bong30

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    Quit the cigs, and keep the weed..........
  4. Inferius

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  5. BloodAngel

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    I personally have never had any withdrawl symptoms, other than being like "damn I wish I could smoke right now"
  6. yoda

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    when i havent a little more edge, and i cant sleep right. it only lasts a few days though.
  7. Skink

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    I had a dream last night that i started smoking ciggs again... IT WAS A FUCKING NIGHTMARE!!!
  8. phytokind

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    Yeah you're quitting the wrong thing, definitely quit the cigs and keep the weed, didn't you see that study that said that smoking weed doesn't cause lung cancer? But cigs will do all kinds of nasty things to your health.
  9. zephyrinne

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    I say what everyone else is saying.. stop smoking cigs. They're horrible for you. It's easier to stop now while you're young. Definately worth it, though it may suck at the beginning.

    But anyways, I have never met anyone or talked to anyone that has had the problems you described.. except when something else was wrong not weed related, such as a cold, mono, etc. I'd find another doctor.. if you're a student, try your school's health clinic. But definately get that stuff checked out.. chest pains aren't normal.
  10. Skink

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    I've lived with chest pain for like 4 years now... For me living with it is better than going to a hospital and have them fuck U up for life... JMHO

    if I watch my BP and get some cardio excersize,, in like pushing my lawn mower around my yard,,,"people think I am nutz for cutting my grass so much...LOLz" and no more ciggs,,, I can controll the chest pains to almost non existant,when truly focused...
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  11. TheBudBuster

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    chest pain could mean asthma if you dont already have it. plz cut da ciggies woots the point if they dont get you high and give you cancer.Just put a wee bit a feg into your spliffs.eventually no feg.
  12. I get cranky like a motherfucker. I can't sleep.
  13. homestar

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    cranky...yeah that's an understatement for me, i can be an asshole without pot. it's why i must keep smoking!!

    FLORIDA MON Registered+

    I smoke every day and often stop for up to 2-3 days at a time.

    No withdrawls as far as I can tell.

    But, when I get ready to go again...I just can't wait!
  15. MaryJaneintheCloset

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    Hey FloridaMon- I think you're pretty close to me, I just saw you went to a show at the Amp. I'm in the Tampa area, how about you?

    If you want, you can email me at It's always nice to talk to people in the area! :)
  16. WeedFaerie420

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    I also smoke on average a gram a day but there are definetly a lot of times it's more than that. The rare times I couldn't smoke weed for a whole day or more, I got withdrawal symptoms like you did. I got hot and cold flashes. I was very nauseus, had no appetite and was irritable. Mental addictions can cause physical symptoms of withdrawal. Don't get too worried, just realize what you're feeling will go away if either...1. smoke weed again , or 2. you go through with at least a week or more of sobriety. I like choice 1 personally, but you do you :thumbsup:
  17. Jay Matix

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    when i smoke for a few weeks straight and then stop smoking for a few days i get irritable and it's harder to go to sleep. But that only lasts a couple days... but then again i'm not a heavy smoker.... i limit myself usually and go on breaks.
  18. Storm Crow

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    Been toking for 40 years and the only withdrawal symptoms I have is a slight increase in profanity. (I'm usually a sweetie). Everyone's biochemistry is different, so I guess some folks might have actual withdrawal symptoms. I'd just treat it like a hangover. Extra "B" vitamins(they perk you up), lots of liquids (flush the system) and a couple aspirins.
  19. NextLineIsMine

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    you could also have just gotten a virus, smoking hurts your immune system significantly. I used to literally never get sick but now I do a few times a year
  20. Green Love

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    excessive tobacco use, lol.

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