Cannabis Withdrawal Symptoms

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by Dave Canvey, Aug 22, 2006.

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    So someone else admits it too. Hell yes you can have all of those symptoms and more, though of course not everyone does. The psychosomatic factor you mentioned is a legit possibility (as was someone mentioning the potential that the OP just had a virus). I'm just not completely certain it's purely psychological. Nausea can indeed sometimes come from nothing but pure nerves; so it might be purely psychological in source, but regardless of the origin, hot flashes and nausea feel pretty phuckin physical to me, and no amount of assuring me "don't worry- weed is only psychologically addictive" will convince myself that it is in my head (or makes me feel better). That said, w/d from alcohol, tobacco, and coffee are probably more, if not intense, then at least more universal (at least judging by how RARE it is that one seems to suffer w/d symptons from weed), and possibly even more debilitating (longer term and more impact throughout your whole day- weed w/d does generally effect most peoples sleeping and eating anyways the first few days, assuming they were smoking alot).

    Also, as growers' (un)natural selection continually reinforces the strong strains, while at the same time "weeding out" the least preferred, herb just becomes more and more potent- not only higher %'s of THC, but possibly the thousands of other chemicals in herb as well (many of which are also psychoactive).

    Agree with everyone else who advised you to quit cigs though. Interesting topic. Thanks for sharing Dave (&WF).
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    I know that the carbon monoxide in cigs (and there is also some carbon monoxide in weed) causes your lungs and blood to be low on oxygen. Carbon monoxide takes up all the space that oxygen would have in your blood. SO your heart has to work harder. If you can smoke les cigarettes, get on the patch, get a friend to help, you will be a lot better off.

    Combine quitting smoking with a healthy diet. You eat more fruits and vegs, get vitamin c, orange juice, and drink lots of water. (There have ben cancer patients who felt better and were healthier off of vitamin c versus chemotherapy.)

    The more natural your diet the better. Eating less junk food and getting more home cooked food also helps a bunch.

    The key problem is the anxiety you get after not smoking cigarettes. To deal with that, if weed doesn't help, you will have to try the patch and maybe get a "lets quit smoking" friend who will help you.
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    Excellents thread.. alot to learn here... back when i joind the forum. i would smoke anything..but now its just greeen..i do feel better i dont smoke as much.. but yea the damage has already been done..i will most like ly die or get Sick (cancer) because of the breif period that i smoked ciggs. terrible... the goverment has make it clear just how healthy they want us.all this alco and tobac and chemical drugs are bringing the western world down. sorry the govt are bringing us down...
    CA N the people not overthrow the goverment or would the army come in and gun the people down.......
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    I think my biggest cannabis withdrawl is wanting to smoke more cannabis.
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    I'm on day 17 it's something I have to do every quarter. I know when my company does the random tests and it will happen next week. I'm clean it only takes me about 14 days or so. The 1st week is the worst as far as moodiness the 2nd week it's the dreams after that it's over. I've found having s script of Valium is the best thing for getting through the sleepless nights. Good luck
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