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Discussion in 'Recipes' started by liberatefreedom, Aug 15, 2008.

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    hey guys, i think im making brownies this week, just a few questions before i do so.

    from what i understand, the house smells like weed when making the butter and brownies. my question is, how hard is this smell to get rid of and how long does it last after? thanks guys
  2. kablizzo

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    As for the brownies, if you just stick ground up buds in the batter then it doesn't stink up the house that much at all. In my experience, however, using ground up buds in recepies takes a lot longer to kick in then using cannabutter. My theory is if it is steeped in a some sort of fat it gets absorbed by your body more quickly than if you use ground up plant material. My personal experience is it takes about 2-3 hours when ground up and only about 45 min - 1 hour when extracted in butter. I've been told that it's because fat and plant material are processed in different parts of your digestive tract. I can say that I, myself, have noticed that eating it affects everyone a little differently. The end result is usually the same but the dosage and journey vary from person to person.

    As for the butter, man, you gotta steep the buds in a barely-simmering water-budder concoction for a good 24,48, if not 72 hour period to get all the goods out and YES it stinks up your house like a mother effer! I use a crock pot set to uber low, about 2 oz weed 1/2 buds 1/2 leaf, 5 sticks of butter and just enough water to make the butter barely cover the plant material, then keep adding water to keep the level the same. Again, stinks up your house like a son of a.... well, like boiling pipes does, only smells like wet weed, not resin

    The recepie for firecrakers on here is very good though, and spot on. Just made some following it yesterday and they turned out better than my recipe for them and I've been cooking w/ ganja for about 12 years now (I think the natural PB is the difference). Their quick, easy to make, and don't stink up your house hardly any. Burn a Nag Champa at the same time and I bet you won't even smell the weedie treats.


  3. liberatefreedom

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    i appreciate it man. ive tried making firecrackers, but they didnt work for me. do firecrackers give you a similar high to brownies? and do you need to do them under certain conditions such as on an empty stomach or no with other food?

    just askin because when i made then they tasted awful and had to eat them with something else
  4. kablizzo

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    I've found that eating is a little hard to control your dose because it takes so long to kick in. Some people don't use enough and don't feel sh**, some people overdo it and get really baked for a long time. It can turn out to be an unpleasant experience, specially for rookies bcz you can get overwhelmingly high for hours and because it can upset peoples stomachs too, specially if you eat the plant material.

    Peoples bodies absorb nutrients and whatnot differently too, hence different body types. I know this cat who can eat a ton and only gets a little high. He's one of those mother f** that can eat bigmacs every day and not gain a pound too. My theory is that his body burns the sh** up and he doesn't get to feel it, lol.

    You gotta experiment, try alcohol extraction, glycerin tinctures, butter, bhang (milk or cream), Oil. Whatever works best for you. The butter's the only one I can think of that stinks up your house bad, well and oil too. Just stick to fatty substances because the good stuff is fat soluble, not water soluble. In other words, don't make tea! lol

    Hey, I noticed you're pretty new too. Lurk around and read some of the recipes they got on here, There is some good stuff.
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