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Discussion in 'Colorado (CO)' started by denverbear, Mar 13, 2010.

  1. denverbear

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    So how about some insite on what will be happening at this convention in a couple of weeks.
    Are the dispensary's going to set up shop there (I don't think medicating will be possible
    will the smoking accessary's be availble..pipes..bongs etc..?

    will there be grow classes at the convention ?

    any info would be appreciated..
  2. KindReviews

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    So far the event is 80% full with vendors. Not sure what percentage are dispensaries. If you go be sure to stop by our booth, we are giving out free stuff like t-shirts and what not.
  3. ottistoys

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    What is the location of it,time and date.Thanks
  4. KindReviews

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    April 2nd and 3rd at the Colorado Convention center downtown. I believe it starts at 4pm on the 2nd and runs until 10pm, then 10am - 10pm on the 3rd.
  5. ottistoys

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  6. Cmockett

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    I'm Christian I'll be one of many musicians playing in the rotating ensemble of a house band, were doing Dark Side Of The Moon in it's entirety to a laser show- fucking stoked!!! This is gonna be a fun gig! Lots of other music too
  7. KindReviews

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    See you there our booth is pretty close to the stage, we are at F 10 I believe. Can't wait to hear Dark Side
  8. TurboALLWD

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    Damn, when is the laser show? You can count my bro out on that one, it would probably put him right into a seizure.
  9. ColoradoCareMMJ

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    Im guessing its going to be a large building full of people either wanting to sell you stuff or sign you up as a patient...
  10. weekapaug74

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    Are there discounted tickets available? $15 is a little steep.
  11. denverbear

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    thats what I was wondering if we can buy tickets ahead of time for a discount..
  12. KindReviews

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  13. weekapaug74

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    And I want to make sure I got this straight...

    Cypress Hill will be at the convention signing autographs but not performing?
  14. KindReviews

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    You know I must admit I have no idea who's performing there or what. We got a booth from Kush I haven't had much time to research. Busy getting things to print for Friday...
  15. weekapaug74

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  16. MMDInsuranceCo

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    Colorado Cannabis Convention--List of Vendors

    We will be an exhibitorConvention. Sorry patients--we're not a dispensary! Only boring insurance! :)

    I'm still waiting for the site to update their list of vendors who will be attending. As of today, it wasn't up. It's been that way all week. They (Kush) said Hempcon was very successful event. This is the first time we've participated.

    If you have any suggestions for us, please let us know. We will be raffling off prizes and handing out flyers. The prizes are coming from us and some our dispensary clients.

    Here's the link to the exhibitor list for the Colorado Cannabis Convention

    List of Exhibitors | Colorado Cannabis Convention
  17. 1nicegrow

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    Dont support dispencerys profits

    I for one refuse to go just becuse probly 75 percent of those boths are dispencerys out for profit and as I stated in a differant post dispencerys are the problem ppl not the salution and to go there is to give them money wich only keeps them alive.

    how many of you have gotton a so called top shelf grade med it home and found your freinds swag weed dose about the same as the so called top shelf?

    how many of you have gotton a bag home to your scale and found it was lite?

    or how many of you actualy mic your mmj before purchase and see that the budz have been mined of all the surface tri coms so they could make more money off of meds youve payed for?

    see this chit all the time but yet here are ppl who seeem oblivious to the fact that the dispencerys dont care for the patient they care about the profit and they have proven a disregaurd for the laws wich is why more laws are being imposed.

    personaly I dont see why patients would support the very industry responsible for there dificultys in getting medicated hassel free and at a cost that means they can be medicated.

    dont support these types of activitys folks or dispencerys...with holding buisness will hurt them and there are so many of us smaller growers with actual top shelf none tumbled sugary buds for less....It may take you a little trial and error to find the right small grower but when you do and theres longevity to the relationship youll find yourself back out of the big picutre or lime light so to speak. Most small growers will weigh and let you mic before purchase uless they are hiding something as well as sample for effect an flavor...I know I do...but from my prespective that is more valuble then a stupid t shirt and a buncha bs on how this or that dispencery sells top quality meds...dispencerys are there to bring in buisness and I emagine it will be just like the usual....great attitude and product at first till they have yer rights then the switch....bad attitude and crap meds.

    one last parting thought...dispencerys are being watched closly ppl...dont think for a minute the feds wont be some place taking pics and collecting info for futher use.....I wouldent go near the place personaly ...especialy if you stupid to leave a trail of bread crumbs for them to follow....good example...the guy who let 9 news view his grow only to have the feds show up that week to bust him...he was growing commercialy so the loss of low grade meds and an illegal grower is no big loss...but this should alert ppl to the dangers of open activity like conventions and such...even when yer leagal its best to stay below the line so to speak.

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  18. GratefulMeds

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    You really seem to like to whine about things instead of taking action by shopping around. Not every dispensary is ripping people off, are there bad apples? absolutely just like any other industry and if enough daylight is shined on these bad apples they will rot and fade away! I am for small growers that is all we work with and how our business model is setup to support our local community and bring everyone into the fold. But I think your a bit short sited I have many patients that cannot grow their own because they have a limb blown off or are wheelchair bound or just lousy growers. These people are affected by any regulations that are passed and should be the folks we all consider first how it will help or hurt them. I am glad you can grow your own meds, more power to you. But please be considerate of the folks that can't.:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
  19. weekapaug74

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    The Show Must Go On

    The state's first-ever Colorado Cannabis Convention almost didn't happen. That's because the original promoter, Raymond Springsteel and Boulder Talent Agency, which booked the Colorado Convention Center for this coming weekend back in August, apparently disappeared after collecting a boatload of checks from vendors who'd already signed on to participate. But the show is definitely going on: On Friday, March 26, Denver District Court granted an injunction to DBOTCOM and Kush Colorado Magazine, the title sponsor, against Springsteel; DBDOTCOM is now handling the entire event.

    "While Daily Buds and Kush Colorado were only supposed to be a sponsor of the convention, when we learned about what had really transpired we felt we had no choice but to step in on behalf of the vendors and the entire medical marijuana community with our substantial resources, people and money save the Colorado Cannabis Convention from being canceled and all lost," the company wrote in a message to vendors. "We are very pleased to report that with very little time left, we were able to save the event, and make it successful for all of the patrons and everyone involved."

    Local promoter JJ Walker is now handling many of the details. "We're working right through it," he says. "We're going to have a good show." That show will include more than 300 vendors, legal Q&As and other panels, an autograph session with Cypress Hill, a hemp fashion show with more than forty models each day, and performances by No 1 Left Standing, P-Knuckle, Synthetic Elements and Tatanka. In order to spread the word, the new organizers have set up a Colorado Cannabis Convention Hotline at 1-888-958-7452 (press 7); they're also holding a mandatory meeting for vendors at 2:30 p.m. April 2 at the convention center.

    Doors open to the public at 4 p.m. on Friday, April 2, and the show runs until 10 p.m. that night, then from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. on April 3. Daily admission is $15. To buy tickets or get more information, go to Medical Marijuana Dispensaries and Coupons for Los Angeles, Colorado, Michigan and more – now the only official website of the Colorado Cannabis Convention.

    And after the show? Expect the legal fireworks to continue. Where there's smoke, there's ire.
  20. KindReviews

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    Yeah kind of sucks because our booth location was changed.

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