Cannibus growing 101 for dummies

Discussion in 'Growing Information' started by NoAction, Feb 8, 2008.

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    First off let me say this is one of the best forum boards i have discoved on the net

    Please don't be so mean i read the other "how do i grow" post.. but i didn't get a clear understanding

    I live in NW Pennsylvania I suffer from really bad panic and anxiety attacks and my best friend mary Jane is the only thing that keeps me sane. Weed cost a lot of money on the streets and its not always very good and on top of that the dealers like to cheat you for your money or lie n tell u its some killer kush or purp charge u $125 for an eigth n the shit b terrible. So i want to start growin for myself i want to grow at least 4 plants. 2 kush plant ( i like a choice ) 1 purp and 1 reggie (regular weed) but i want to do a test grow first. I've been reading around on the boards and got a lot of interesting information. but i have a few question can u please help!!! Oh yeah i plan on growing my test plant in an average size closet in a house the closet the length n the width are about the same as the width of an average door the other 4 will b grown either in the basement or a bigger (walk in ) closet

    is there a dummies breakdown and step by step instruction on how to grow from the purchasing process to the completed plant ready to smoke process?

    what brand or type of containers do i use.

    is thier anything else i may need besides light, fans, fertilizer and containers?

    I will continue to do my research n seek out other sources of information but your help would be greatly appreciated as well thanks

    P.S this Aribien Whateverthefuck I got from a friend in cali is the greatist!!!!!:Rasta:
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    Kush is a fine choice; there are several types but the Hindu Kush is IMHO by FAR the best to start with because it is a sturdy plant that is easy to grow and finishes faster than other Kushes.
    Purple ain't nuttin but a color... and many strains will turn purple if you drop temps right before harvest.
    For 'reggies', check out Northern Lights, Skunk#1, Pure Power Plant, and Big Bud. These are all good strains to learn on. Of them, PPP gives the most tasty product.
    But if you have anxiety, it is important to match strain to ailment. A strain that has 'uplifting', 'relaxing', or yup even 'anti-anxiety' right in the product description is a good place to start your search if you are serious about medication and not growing 'purps'.
    Did you check out the link in my signature? It is a beginner guide.

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