Can't figure out what's going on with these plants...Pics

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by Buds Buddy, Jul 28, 2018.

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    I think I can only raise my lights about 6" without mounting them directly to the ceiling of the tent. Maybe I should just use the 1 center light & the corner spotlights ???
    That would cut down wattage & brightness by almost 450 watts (LED watts) while adding more Blue & Red.
    I think you guys are both right. I watered the same as I did with HPS. So I more than likely over watered. And LED's are a whole new gig for me so it's a matter of finding the right height & amount of light the plants like. The T-5 sure seems like a good way to help a plant recover though when it's had a rough start. I have to say they look real pretty in there. I thought there wasn't much hope for them. Even the real Bumpy / Wavy / Twisted up one is starting to look healthier. I think I'll leave these under the T-5 a few more days to let them recover more before putting them back in the LED's. Just feel safer that way. LOL....Watch them all be males.
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    IMO, if you are going to run intense lighting in a small space like a tent, shit-can the light hangers and mount the fixture straight to the crossbars. :thumbsupold: Every inch counts, and it's easy to raise a plant if need be.
    All my flower tents are set up this way.

    Glad to see the plants have bounced back! :awesome:
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    I'm really thinking about going back to my MH / HPS lights. But at this point I know it's not the lights causing the problem. Not directly anyway. Me not knowing how to water correctly for LED lighting is the problem. I've been doing a lot of reading on this to figure it out & everything points to me over watering. It's taking too long for my soil to dry out (4 - 5 days) so I've been giving too much water at each watering because the soil should be dry enough to water again within 2 - 3 days. All the symptoms of over watering are there. There are some signs of nute burn also but I think that's from the hot soil mix & will clear up on it's own as I water & the nutes in the soil get used up. I'd flush the plants...but I've already over watered so that would probably mean doom for them if I did.
    So since the soil dries up faster with the MH / HPS & they say you get the highest yields with them I was thinking about switching back to them. Maybe not with this grow...but next time. I was thinking about vegging under the LED's & flowering under the HPS though. Not sure if this would be beneficial or a waste of time though.
    I would still be using the 6 LED Spotlights for side lighting also like I did on my last grow. Thoughts on this anyone ???
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    As far as a hot soil mix, I don't really think that's an issue. I routinely start seedlings in the straight Ocean Forest without issue. I'd suspect the application of any nutrient mix was the likelier culprit. If your intent on using additional nutrients with a decent soil, wait a couple weeks from an up-pot and start weak, 1/4 strength or even less.
    I could be way off base here, so surely put this through the bull-shit filter. :confused:
    I've never used any Happy Frog soil, was under the impression it was for starts, and the Ocean Forest was the "hotter" Fox Farm mix. If your mixing them 2/1 it's leaning more to the finer, moisture-retaining qualities of the Happy Frog.

    As was pointed out already, it would appear the biggest issue was not knowing how to properly water, when making such a large increase in container size. You ought to be on track, now.
    Can you hang your MH between your LED panels? Maybe run it for a period mid-day while getting a handle on the watering? I'd hate to see ya abandon the LEDs if they are good panels. ;)

    It's all a bit harder than it should be, because you're doin' it backwards.
    Step 1: Establish a stable environment. :)
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    I could hang the MH between them but I was thinking of keeping the LED's through Veg. & then switching to HPS for Flower only. I've heard you get more yield using HPS but not sure if that's only if you use MH during Veg. & then HPS during Flower. So I'm wondering if it would produce more yield at flower if I switch from the LED's to HPS or if it's a waste of time ?
    So far I added 1 Tablespoon of Molasses per Gal. just 1 time & 1 time I used the 3 Base Nutes with Cali - Magic. The plants are almost 6 weeks now & have been up potted about 2 weeks ago. So, I haven't added a lot of Nutes so far & I am not adding anymore till I get to my next up pot at Flower. Then I was thinking of re-using the soil from my last grow to up pot so I don't add more nutrient enriched soil & am able to use my own nutes.
    This sound reasonable ... or a bad idea ?
    I know my watering is still off as this is the 3rd day since my last watering (only about 16 oz. per plant) & the pots are still kind of heavy. Less water still I guess.
    With MH I couldn't water enough they dried up so fast (2 days usually). With LED's I over do it. oh well...practice makes
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    Not really knowing anything about your last grow I'd not recommend it.
    Soil that was treated to an array of salts is unsuitable without a good, thorough flush.
    The re-amending and re-use of soil is almost an art. The difference between surviving and thriving is in that container.

    Play it safe this go-round. You don't need to add another variable. ;)

    You'll not know until you can get a solid grow under each, in your environment.

    There are LEDs that produce. Do yours? I don't know, do you?
    You may find that a mix of the two works well for you. Regardless, avoid high temps for better yield.
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    Do you know of a good soil without any nutes added ? That's what I really want. I have a Bottle of Flora Kleen & plenty of Peroxide on hand so I'm sure I can do a good flush & I have 3 weeks till transplant into the 5 gallon bags. I could flush the next 2 weekends & I think the soil would be nute & salt free. And I thought everyone used there soil over & over again. I thought that was a one time expense. I sure need to find out how to re-use it as I don't want to be spending $150 on dirt every time. That's about what I have invested this time to fill 20 - 5 gallon grow bags.

    On another note....I just got one heck of a deal on a 12" x 40" Phresh Filter & a 6" inline fan. Got it on Craigslist this morning for $35 for everything. The fan I don't need at all as I have 3 extras already. The filter I'm putting a 12" to 8" reducer on & using an 8" Hurricane Fan for it. I couldn't pass it up for $35 when the filter alone is $330 on EBay. Guy said he used it for one grow & then put it back in it's packaging & it's been sitting for the past year. I see no reason it shouldn't still be good. I still want to find out if you can change the charcoal in them though.
  9. EvilCartman

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    We're not really talkin' about soil then, are we? ;)

    If you just want something inert, get Coco into the mix. It'll lighten up the mix and let you use your bottled nutrients.
    You treat it just like "soil". You just have to be diligent and perform regular flushes as it accumulates salts like a sponge.

    A simple dirty job. I'm bettin' a U-tube search finds a tutorial or two.
  10. Buds Buddy

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    I'm still talkin about soil. Just soil without added nutrients. If you flush all the nutes out of ocean forrest you still have soil. Just no nutes in it. Where's the soil that comes like that already ? Plain old Sterile Soil ?

    I looked up the replacement carbon for them. about $10 for every 5 lbs. Not sure how much it would take for this big filter. Must be a math calculation for cylinder type volume that's 2" thick....but I'm not sure how to do it. I use to years ago but when you never use the formula you tend to forget it. I'll look it up later today.
    Haven't looked how to do it yet either...but where there's a will, there's a way. Truly doubt I'll even need to do it from the looks of the filter...but never know. So knowing how to & the expense of it is something I want to know as a "Just in Case" type thing.
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    Some of those photos look like too much N. I grow 95% under LED in flower, with sometime additional HPS to heat the room. I consider your plants to look fine with the exception of a couple that looked too dry. LISTEN to Weezard. If the white T5 made things better, there is not the correct spectrum inyour LED setup. Look for one that emits red, blue, white, and ultraviolet.

    I use FoxFarm Ocean Forest and NO additional nutes the Fox is the nute, change pots every 6 weeks is giving fert. I do not add anything to the Ocean Forest, it is complete.
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    Hi Washougal, The T-5's didn't do anything for them. They just look better under the white light. As soon as I put them back under the LED's they looked the same as before. It's just the color of light that made them appear better. The lights I have are Full Spectrum (Red, Blue, UV, IR). At this point I'm sure I'm not having a light problem as there's no bleaching or other effects on the upper part of the plants & they are growing like crazy. It's all in the lower leaves now which made me think Nitrogen problem also. Only I wasn't sure if it was a deficiency or a toxicity. To be honest I thought it was a deficiency but I'm glad you cleared that up fop me.
    Sure hate not using the Nutes I just paid close to $300 for (all quart bottles @ $20 -$50 ea.). oh well....maybe next time.
    I have a question for you. Do you or can you re-use your soil after a grow for your next grow ? I'm hearing different things & I don't see why you couldn't as long as you flush it real good. I have about 10 5 gallon pots full in my garage from my last grow that I've been flushing with straight water every other day for a week. This weekend I was planning to flush each pot with 5 - gallons of peroxide water in case there's any eggs or larva in it & next weekend I was going to flush with Flora Kleen. I would think that would make the soil Nute & Salt Free & I'd have soil I could use my nutes in. Now remember...I'm still pretty new at this so I don't know if this is OK to do or not so asking your advice on it.
    Thanks !!!
  13. WashougalWonder

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    No the way I grow, the FF Ocean Forest IS my fertilizer. Each time I repot, (about 4-6 weeks) I consider the potting medium used up, and as an example, I put the old grow in my veggie garden and nothing grows very well unless I fertilize the crap out of it. Flushing is not necessary growing this way, and, in fact, it washes out the nutes. (I also don't water so much I have runoff. This keeps the nutrients in the soil, and not washing out.

    I tried deep water bucket, I understand the cost of nutes, I have a bunch left over myself. My grows were better in Ocean Forest.

    Lastly, in veg, the babies want more white light. I use the t5 in veg and the led in flower ONLY. But the swap to LED does the leaf thing sometimes.

    We tend to worry too much about our plant appearances. Except for disease, the stuff grows really well without much human intervention. Good luck
  14. Buds Buddy

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    OK....the big question....Will this Nitrogen Overload clear up on it's own over time if I just leave the nutes alone & water with pH 6.5 Tap Water ? The last time I watered (3 days ago) I did use nutes because I thought they needed more nitrogen & the plants got worse. Now I'm not sure whether I should Flush & re-pot or just let it clear up over time on it's own. Think I may have to Veg an extra week or 2 to make sure the nitrogen gets used up enough before flower if I just let it clear up over time. All plants are between 12" & 18" now & the 5 week Veg Cycle doesn't end till the end of the month. I usually Veg 5 - 6 weeks. Are these plants big enough to force flower on clippings to find out if they are male or female ? Never done this before but would be nice to know how. This soil does produce extremely large leaves compared to my last grow. Hope it does that for the buds too.
    And thank you for your help !!!
  15. WashougalWonder

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    If they didn't die, just let it go. I would not flush, but I am lazy. As far as male/female, they are big enough to entice flower for solid identification
  16. Buds Buddy

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    No...they didn't die. Bottom leaves on 5 or 6 plants got real yellow & some tips on others but still getting new growth. They seem fine other than the bottom leaves so I guess I'll just leave them be.
    Now to learn how to force flower clippings. Should be plenty of info on that out there.
    Thanks for the advice !!!

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