Cant get to lower temp in my cabbinet

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    My grow room measures 2×4×7 =56sqf .for air exhaust I hAve a atmosphere s 600 six inch 347cfm. Plants are under 400w MH cooling tube that is connected to a selfbuilt ice chest full of ice that has two fans blowing cool air a across the tube . for bottom intake part, I have another chest with ice that blows air to a dryer hose as you can see in the pictures.this chest has a 120v fan, temperatures still reach 90f. This cabinet is in my garage , temps in my garage are not 85f but still I Can't figure out why my cabinet gets So hot, So any critisim is accepted .
    Thank u

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    Can you leave the door open when the lights on? I know it might not be viable but that will help a ton. You need exhaust, something sucking hot air out.
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    Thanks buddy , I figured out

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