cant seem to get as high from a vaporizer

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by tank18, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. tank18

    tank18 Registered+

    is any body having the same problem i am i cannot seem to get as high from a vaporizer as i do with a regular pipe or spliff any reasons why that might be?thanks:thumbsup:
  2. partcleguy

    partcleguy Registered+

    Hey, I've met people who say the same thing. Some of them just assume that vaporizers won't get you as high because you're not burning all the weed and I just attribute that to their bias. If they don't think it will work, they'll probably deny the fact that they're as high or higher than normal.

    I assume you don't feel that way since you're willing to try at least. How much do you smoke/how often? One possibility is you just have a high tolerance. Even more likely though is the setting/your mood. Some days I'm higher than others just because I'm in a relaxed or happy mood.

    I say give it a few more tries maybe even in different places. Good luck! :thumbsup: Vaporizers are great!
  3. EpsilonX

    EpsilonX Registered+

    the settings could be wrong on the vape, or it couls have not been fully heated up.
  4. vapefiend

    vapefiend Registered+

    The vapor high is different, and it's common to think you're not getting as high. And depending on your definition of 'high', maybe you're not. You don't get less THC with vapor. If anything, you get more. You do miss a couple of high temp cannabinoids, but they're not psychoactive. What you do miss with vapor, unless your temp is way high, are some toxic compounds. Carbon monoxide and benzene both contribute to the drowsy, laid out effect attributed to the mj high. And another, Toluene, is a solvent that can dissolve paint, rubber, and some types of glues. Inhaling Toluene can be intoxicating in small doses.

    So what you get with vapor is a cleaner high. If you can tolerate smoke (I can't, on a regular basis), and really miss the extra 'goodies' you get with combustion, you may want to switch or supplement your vapor with smoke at times, depending on what effect you're looking for.
  5. THClord

    THClord Registered+

    IMO vape gives you more of a mind high while smoke will give you a body high.
  6. katyowns

    katyowns Registered+

    this post is begging for some macros:Rasta:

    This is all in good fun btw, no harm meant. I love my vapor brothers and this post made me decide to go click it on.

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  7. tank18

    tank18 Registered+

    thanks guys but i think most of the problem is my vape is a peice of shit,i bought the little ubie handheld vape and i cant seem to get it to work worth a shit,i guess im just so used to hittin the lighter straight on the weed and gettin the smoke,instead of vapor.allright so thanks guys for your input.smoke on.:jointsmile:
  8. vapefiend

    vapefiend Registered+

    Yeah you get what you pay for. Those little crack pipe type vapes are the hardest to use. They probably turn more people away from vaporizers than all the electric models that aren't up to par. It's like rubbing two sticks together to start a fire. It can be done, but if you don't do it just the right way you'll never get a flame. :(
  9. morethanmagic

    morethanmagic Registered

    currently visiting pals on the west coast.. they echo the theme of this thread.. hard to convince them otherwise...

    on the plus side I got to test out their Vapir One.. interesting machine.. I like the digital readout.. obvious similarities to theOxygen.. not sure i like or need the blower thingy.. but it is an effective machine. Definitely does the trick. My hosts however remain somewhat skeptical..

    must say that road tripping with the Oxygen is a great way to go.

    A miniscule amount got me almost a thousand miles.

  10. Igotsoul4u

    Igotsoul4u Registered+

    Here is my theory. Vaporizing is not so harsh and leaves your throat feeling fairly unaffected. Smoking tears your throat apart and creates cracks and sores that offer direct contact to your blood stream. Burning gets the THC into your system faster and easier resulting in a more intense body high. Whatever can't get absorbed makes it to the lungs like usual but I would think there would be some delay. I think that vaporizing forces all the THC to go into your lungs which distributes the effects differently then direct contact with the blood stream. Haa. Or not
  11. Igotsoul4u

    Igotsoul4u Registered+

    should have read this first. those things suck. thats why you aren't getting as high.
  12. tank18

    tank18 Registered+

    yeah i definately agree with you guys,you get what you pay for and i payed for a peice of shit wich sucks cause i dont have 2 or 3 hundred dollars to go buy a good one,so i guess im stuck with the good old pipe and joints,for know anyway.peace out guys and smoke on.
  13. vapefiend

    vapefiend Registered+

    Doesn't take 2 bills for a good one Tank. You can get a Vaporwarez Vaporcannon from several different dealers on ebay for $120 with free shipping and some extras. And yes, you get the 5 yr. warranty too. :thumbsup:
  14. tank18

    tank18 Registered+

    ok maybe i was bein a little scarcastic,yeah ill definately have to do some checkin around,thanks again
  15. pit6ull420

    pit6ull420 Registered+

    i dont like the vapes with the bags because it has to
    much air in it and dilutes the thc with air
    , the vapezilla is better , its more concentrated
    vapor , closer to smoking :Rasta:
  16. vapefiend

    vapefiend Registered+

    Something like the SSV (really potent hits IMO) is even better than the Vapezilla for concentrated vapor, since the zilla also constantly pushes air through the unit with the fans.
  17. pit6ull420

    pit6ull420 Registered+

    both of those are top notch:jointsmile:
  18. walkerweed

    walkerweed Registered

    yo to make surre that your not getting high from your vape...make a home made one with a light bulb just to test to see if it reallly dosnt get you stoned...cuz when i do that shit i blast off in to high land bro....if you want to no how to make it..message me
  19. 5016169

    5016169 Registered+

    I get just as fucked with the volcano or my pipe.
  20. painretreat

    painretreat Registered+

    I sort of think, for me, the purpose is comfort and pain control: Vapes do it! Some have really long tubes on them, I'd think a shorter tube or suck harder! You'll either be light headed or whatever it is you want! IN all seriousness, if it helps what you are using it for, that is the best thing! I get high from just lower levels of pain! I can do so much more and am so much happier! Just a thot! Take care and good luck!:hippy:

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