Can't stop laughing/smiling - HELP

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by 1e64102e, Jul 12, 2005.

  1. 1e64102e

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    I'm on a bender. Over the summer, I make a point of smoking like crazy, cause I can't smoke all the time during the school year, being in my last year of uni. Anyway, I smoke for four or five hours- mids- and can't stop laughing/smiling. I'm like a crazy person. Why would I lay in bed, wake up and laugh for five minutes straight? I freaked my girlfriend out this morning!
  2. WeekenD TokeR

    WeekenD TokeR Registered+

    Sounds like fun to me. Try to snigger if you don't want to freak people out as much ;)
  3. 1e64102e

    1e64102e Registered+

    Man, I ground this KB in the Cuisinart, and one bowl burns through quick as fuck. I'm so fucked up; I didn't realize that weed could do this. I'm going to keep going until I pass out, man!
  4. 1e64102e

    1e64102e Registered+

    Maybe sambo spiked my smoke!!
  5. WeekenD TokeR

    WeekenD TokeR Registered+

    Who gives a flying fuck, IT'S FUN!!!!!!

    Man, how much you have? Maybe you could mail me some of this shit, eh?
  6. 1e64102e

    1e64102e Registered+

    I'm eating dried mango slices with sugar all over them. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. WeekenD TokeR

    WeekenD TokeR Registered+

    Mmmmm... dried mango slices covered in sugar- FUCK YOU MAN! NOW YOU'RE BRINGIN BACK MY MUNCHIES! AAAAHHHHH!

    *tries to resist cutting out tongue*
  8. 10 steps to stop laughing (caution content may appear graphic or offensive in some way to those of you: t('.'t)

    step 1: grab the nearest long heavy thing you can find that is not attatched to your body (a baseball bat, or lead pipe 2 feet long works nicely)
    step 2: masturbate as much as possible in 1 hr. becasue, you won't be doing it later on
    step 3: repeate step 2 for atleast another five minutes
    step 4: take a painkiller of some sort ahead of this, you will need it. (prescription nerve relaxers and painkillers would work best but 4 tylenol and 3 sleeping pills will do fine)
    step 5: warn everyone in the nearest 50 foot vicinety there will be a very high pitched squeel in a little bit
    step 6: repeate step 2 one last time
    step 7: ask your significant other if sex means anything to them in the relationship
    step 8: call 911 and tell them that there's an emergency at your house
    step 9: take a few deep breaths

    none of that worked?

    are you sure?

    ok step 10,

    step 10: find two peices of furniture that are close to one another and about a foot taller than your legs are long. stand on one, meanwhile while on top of the furniture place the object inbetween them so that it forms a kind of bridge . jump down with your legs in a spread fashion onto the object.
  9. WeekenD TokeR

    WeekenD TokeR Registered+

    Oh shit! Now I can't stop laughing!
  10. 1e64102e

    1e64102e Registered+

    I just ate ice cream cake, man! AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. ezjim

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    i have never heard of some one complaining about a case of perma grin.... dont worry it will go away and if it dosnt you can try thinking about something not so cheerful like paying taxes that are used to arrest sick and dying med marijuana users
  12. RedRainDrop

    RedRainDrop Banned

    lol burnout

    haha, never seen someone so happy to eat while high.
  13. nakedgunner

    nakedgunner Registered+

    chill out
  14. Hempamasta

    Hempamasta Registered+

    He's literally having the best time of his life. Ahh, that's how all munchies should be.. just the best damn thing ever.
  15. sharpezor

    sharpezor Registered+

    tell some friends to tell you that your mother died, then drink a lot so you forgot you asked them that.

    that should take that smile off your face ;)
  16. supersonicchronic

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