Can't you add the raw weed into the brownie mix?

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by Spanish Leather, Oct 23, 2006.

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    My sister makes me brownies and all she does is just add the raw weed into the brownie mix. She puts the mix into the cup cake paper thingies, then puts about a pinch of weed into each cup cake holder, and mixes each brownie-cupcake individually with a toothpick.

    One time, she made what she claimed were "potent brownies" and my brother and i each had 2 of these brownies and we were high for at least 6 hours (i think it was around 8) and it was magical.-don't know what kind of weed she used

    I tried her recipe myself, but i used Northern lights, and it was pretty intense, but only lasted like 3 hours :(

    My question is, after lurking here a while, is do you really need weed-butter? My sister's recipe works just fine, and is much easier and convienient (I live in college dorms, so sitting over a pan of simmering weed-butter isn't exactly feasable).

    Also, just out of curiosty, what's the best way (in terms of brownies) to get a long high (6-8 hours) and a type of high were everything is just really funny and excitting (as opposed to mellow and relaxed)?-what variety of weed and what recipe. I need to celebrate after my midterms...

    Thank you in advance for your assistance,

  2. ZeldaG.

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    dont know much but chucking in DRIED buds should do the trick
  3. hazetwostep

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    it works (obviously cause your sister does it) but i am pretty sure you get a better transfer of THC through the simmering in butter/oil process.
  4. Mosiah

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    I've never made pot brownies, so take this with a grain of salt - but I have a friend who has made them, and he has told me he always just tosses the bud into a bowl of melted butter, so that the buds are soaked in butter first, then pouring the whole mixture into the main brownie mix - this way the buds are thoroughly soaked with fatty butter beforehand, giving the brownies a better THC absorption rate than if you just tossed them into the dry mix and added butter normally.
  5. hazetwostep

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    also, brownies tast like 200% better when you make it through butter/oil instead of having a bunch of bud chunks in your dessert!
  6. brookerosebud

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  7. Storm Crow

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    I always just sifted the pot through one of those wire mesh strainers and then through a tea strainer (finer mesh). I would add it to the (slightly warmed) oil and then bake like the box said. Now I make them from scratch and add hemp seed (from the health food store- not my good seeds!) to add nutrition and taste. - Granny
  8. jayrollinhippy

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    LOL Alice B. Toklas brownies backin the old days weed was just put in the batter. Making puna butter is more of an asthetic appeal. Raw weed can give your brownies an off taste and the texture is a little funky . LOL
  9. hello3pat

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    Common chocolate and pot taste so good together ^.^
  10. glade_1111

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    I was thinking of trying to make them this way today because I don't want to deal with the amount of smell that would be generated by simmering them in oil.

    I'm planning on using oil instead of butter, and heating the oil to a decent simmer, removing it from the heat, adding my green, letting it soak for awhile and then adding it to the mix. I know that everyone says that you won't get as much THC activated b/c of the lack of heat, but you are cooking them in an oven for almost an hour, so if they're already soaked in fat, that heat should allow the THC to be activated, correct?
  11. benagain

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    It work without extracting to butter, but it's not as potent and doesn't taste as good. When you bake a cake or brownies or something, there is enough fat mixed in with the batter to absorb some THC.
    Extracting to butter just gives you a better end product because you don't have uneeded plant material and the fat has direct contact with the bud. Greater surface to mass ratio with it's sitting in the fat, than sitting in a mixture containing fat.
    I say do whatever works for ya.
  12. theweakerthan

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    here here

    i'm pretty new to weed, but decided to test making a space cake one day after believing a batch was too dry and harsh on the throat to smoke.
    it was a small amount, say half a tea spoon ground weed so i told my sister to go make 1 cookie with it.
    i'd only once been high before this and that was through smoking. I totally underestimated the strength of the cookie and thought it wouldn't work at all. we ate half and half then after about 3 hours i suddenly realised it had worked and i was baked for hours!
  13. ch0dE420

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    i would think that would work
  14. ballllin

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    ^ 18 hours.... bull.
  15. Thepossumdance

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    lol 18 hrs??? I think not
  16. Weedhound

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    i cook with mine the same way Storm Crow and Mosiah said......strained, melt the butter for brownies and toss it in, stir, toss into the mix and bake as normal. Works great. :thumbsup:
  17. glade_1111

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    Well, I used about 10 grams of Skunk No.1 ground up super fine for my batch. Heated the oil on the stove and then poured it into a measuring cup with the weed (some bubbling and hissing when i mixed the two), stirred that and let it sit on the counter for about 30 minutes, then made my brownies.

    I cut the 13x9 tray into 8 brownies, and tried them out last night. I ate one at 9pm, waited till 10:30 and was only a little high, so I thought I had gotten the oil too hot and ruined my weed, so I ate a second one just to try to get something out of it. Well, around 11pm, the first one hit me like a freight train. I went to go listen to music in bed, and by 1am, just before I fell asleep, I got up to use the bathroom and could barely walk. Woke up around 9:30 this morning still really high, and stayed high until around noon. I'd say they're quite potent and that one is more than enough unless you have an amazing tolerance.

    The recipe definitly works combining the oil and weed off the stove once you've heated the oil, and it seems like there would be less margin for error than combining the two and then heating it. Just my $0.02 though.
  18. Tree_Burner

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    I've mixed about a gram of some dank herb into the brownie mix. The trick is butter up the pan and sprinkle finely chopped weed. next pour about half the batter and pour the rest of the weed. Next pour the rest of batter on top of that. Bake it lower than the 350 suggested. Try 315 degrees, for about 45 minutes or so The slower the better, that way the THC can stick more to the butter and egg. just keep on checking your brownies, you don't want them too dry!!! nice and moist does the trick. with in 25 minutes to an hour you'll be baked!
  19. lilbella82

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    Okay instead of butter, can I use nutella because theres fats in Nutella and it would give my low fat brownie muffins a better taste? Thinking of something healthier?
  20. Venhico

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    maybe i don't know as much about making brownies, but i think if they are soaked in oil then you put them in a hot oven it should workfine, and if you want them to last longer then you shouldn't have the THC dispersed in oil because that makes it absorb faster and is why people say its more potent, it just hits your harder and faster, but overall its the same amount of THC either way
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