cant you just eat the buds? (interested in absorbing as much CBD as possible)

Discussion in 'Edibles' started by hamaloo, Apr 10, 2014.

  1. hamaloo

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    I have this THC-less (rather low THC) high CBD (at least the website where I bought it sais this) weed (legal) and i'm absolutely not interested in making Butter/cookies/oil/extract etc. (is that a necessary step?) can't u just grind the stuff, solve it it water or milk or whatever and drink it? I'm now smoking it pure like roll it yourself cigarettes (as I smoke roll it yourself cigarettes anyways so it seems easy to me) but that doesnt seem so convenient to me. I'm not sure whether the CBD is absorbed well if I just chew or grind the cannabis. I'm also not sure whether the CBD is solved by making butter/oil/extract etc. because all that has been done by people interested in getting high and not interested in CBD.


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  2. Dat Dank

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    You sure can!

    If you are just after the health benefits of marijuana aside from the high that THC gives, you can eat your plant. Some parts may be hard to digest being that cannabis is so fibrous. Why not try juicing it? I just watched a video on youtube about juicing your low thc plants. I don't have the link, but if you do a search on juicing cannabis, you'll find several videos on the subject.
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  3. Dutch Pimp

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    It depends on how many stomachs you got. :wtf:

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  4. Shovelhandle

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    raw cannabis has THC acid. It needs carboxylation process to make the psychoactive ingredient THC. I do not know about the other cannabinoids and if they need any predigestive treatments.
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  5. Weezard

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    He's only right.
    The carbon and oxygen atoms attached to the THC molecule make it too large to pass the blood/brain barrier.
    That also applies to CBD.
    CBD-a, the acid form can be decarbed along with the THC-a by heating a tray of bud in a 250F. oven for 30 minutes.

    There is one other caution for ingesting raw buds.

    Cannabis is covered in cystoliths.
    The red arrows.
    They're mostly calcium carbonate at their base.
    Ungulates have no problem with cystolith hairs.
    They half digest, re-chew as cud, and run 'em through 4 stomachs. :)
    (Thanks D.P.) :D
    Some of us one-stomach critters are unable to tolerate the irritation so we make butters, etc.
    Proceed, , , with caution.

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  6. jeng1128

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    I just saw this tincture on it was $45 and had something like 200mg of CBD(not sure if that's the whole bottle or one dose) but it has NO THC in it. Just CBD's. I'd check that out, there are a couple of other things in it but I forgot. Check it out on leafly (I saw it on the app) and you can order it online since there is no THC in it. Leafly is a pretty good source, they usually steer you in the right direction.
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  7. AlisonDiaz

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    I think you can, but I guess it isn't enjoyable to eat plain weed buds. I'm pretty sure that THC is heat activated and will not really affect you unless smoked/vaporized/cooked.
  8. Shovelhandle

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    that is why it is often decarboxylated. as little as a joint's worth of decarbed bud can have an amazing effect. eating that amount in a PB & J sandwich is not so bad.
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  9. kevin88

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    cystoliths ? I think that is not a bad thing. I think eating it or juicing it is great.
  10. emilya

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    by eating it, a certain percentage of the product is never converted into medicine, you might as well be eating hay.
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  11. Shovelhandle

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    If one is looking for the THC effect, I know for a hard fact eating a small amount of properly prepared bud is effective, not at all like hay.
  12. emilya

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    ewww... you can have it. This girl is not going to munch on buds, not in this lifetime or any other. Take the same buds, process them into oil, or green dragon or any of the many other process to convert the CBDs, and it will be a LOT more effective.
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  13. D'sLady

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    Yeah but it tastes better I like scrapping up the little bits after they pick through the buds and just chewing on them and sometimes spit them out and sometimes eat them
    It's like gum only with an awesome flavour

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