Carbon Monoxide, DIY production

Discussion in 'Advanced Techniques' started by scott9116, May 7, 2007.

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    Actually it is common for boys to experiment with putting on female clothing. I think for my 4 year old, it makes him feel closer to his mom when she is at work. We tell him to stop, but he just keeps getting into her clothes. He is not a homosexual or a cross-dresser.
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    Correct. But again, how would one use it in weed farming? I mean, why are we talking about trying to make it? What good is it? As best as I can tell from reading this, it has something to do with feminized seeds, but I don't understand.
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    I realize that well and good, I don't mess with carbon anything(mon/di-oxide). But my question really asked, CO1 & CO2 are both by products of combustion. My school of thought is that CO2 is a purer form of CO1. In other words CO2 is CO1 burned more completely.
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