Careers for stoners?

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by Oppositional P, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. Oppositional P

    Oppositional P Registered+

    I did a search and found similar threads, but this one has more specific direction (I think). Sorry if it's too similar.....

    I've been studying for the ACT recently because working construction is no fun. I intend to go to school as soon as possible, but I'm still a little uncertain about what it is I want to study.

    I was wondering what cool careers are available without requiring drug tests. I'm especially interested in science. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Purple Banana

    Purple Banana Registered+

    A good amount of schools don't drug test, so if you're thinking of beomcing a teacher, it's all good.
  3. HeallyRi

    HeallyRi Registered+

    I am branching off towards the automotive careers... You'd get a piss test when you chop a finger off or lose a leg. But not to just have the job.
    I want to work for Harley Davidson.. be a tech for them, dunno what exactly yet, but I love em' cycles :D

    There's alot, depends mostly on the companies itself. One store might test as another would respect employees privacy of off work lifestyles.
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  4. BizzleLuvin

    BizzleLuvin Registered+

    don't be a baker. i failedthe drug test when i wanted to work in the Bakery for Giant grocery stores. big companies that have unions and big benefits usually drug test.
  5. Oppositional P

    Oppositional P Registered+

    that's one thing I sometimes consider. What about legal records? Would it matter if I've been arrested a couple times?
  6. HeallyRi

    HeallyRi Registered+

    That's funny, I could of sworn I hear things in the news all the time about so-and-so teacher having previous allegations just being moved to a different school, only to have a repeated episode..
    But thats as being a teacher.. so I can't be certain..
    I'm interested, any one know?
  7. Gatekeeper777

    Gatekeeper777 Registered+

    true story. Back when i went to school we had this one girl who was the punk rocker type mixed with a little goth, BUT she was also the school druggy so to speak, would take anything to get ripped,and she was a slut to boot.
    When my son had his parent teacher conferances at his school for his first grade teacher we walked down the hall and I noticed her standing in the hall. She taught in my sons school. Big deal so she was a party girl and a slut 20 years ago. but what kind of educator are you?
    Why should the public care if you smoke weed. Hell if they taught todays kids they prolly would too.
    As long as your not banging a student(that shit never happened when i went to school,I wish it did i had some hot teachers)
    Just go teach and keep your personal life personal any you should be ok.
  8. Gatekeeper777

    Gatekeeper777 Registered+

    Most major corporations drug test because they get a cheeper employee insurance rate.
  9. rottenPauL

    rottenPauL Registered+

    you can go to holland and start growing pot for a living
    aint that a science?:stoned:
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  10. Purple Banana

    Purple Banana Registered+

    If I were a company, I wouldn't drug test, but I'd give you preference if you smoked it, cause I'd have that question on the application :D
  11. HeallyRi

    HeallyRi Registered+

    here in florida, a teacher was fired because a "lewd" photo of her appeared on the internet and a student found it.. it was during an occasion, Bike Week, and she flashed the band performing and received beads. However, her titties got her fired.
  12. originalblu

    originalblu Registered+

    be an environmental chemist or biologist
  13. Gatekeeper777

    Gatekeeper777 Registered+

    how about a florist you allread know how get get wonderful flowers.
  14. sttomassmoker

    sttomassmoker Registered+

    definetly become a master gardener.
  15. timothylearyisdead

    timothylearyisdead Registered+

    I've always wanted to work at a nursery to learn how to grow the perfect plants. You know, I just may go along with that. That's what I suggest.
  16. crudemood

    crudemood Registered+

    i am going to be an environmentalist! save animals, save the world!
    its just perfect.. the world needs to be saved.. its totally going down the crapper.
  17. The Figment

    The Figment Registered+

    Go find out what you love to so much that you would pay someone to let you do it,Go to school and get to be better than anyone else you know at whatever it is that you love to do,Learn more than anyone about that subject to the point that is a passion. The money will follow!

    On that note start your own being the boss, wadda gonna do,Test yourself? I think not
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  18. timothylearyisdead

    timothylearyisdead Registered+

    I see a lot of new jobs in the environmental area popping up soon. That could be the way to go in the future.
  19. NightProwler

    NightProwler Registered+

    i want to become a plant person. lol
  20. im going to school to be a molecular gonna try to cure diseases and stuff.

    i still smoke! it helps me get through these grueling lectures.

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