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Discussion in 'Michigan (MI)' started by jimiblings, Jul 10, 2010.

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    I offer my patients meds for less than half the price as the dispensaries. It takes about 3 1/2 months from hire date for your first harvest to be dry and thats when your discount would begin. Until then, I can still provide you with quality meds from a dispensary ranging anywhere from $140 to $800 per oz (5-30 per gram) delivered promtly. So far I am yet to find any meds at dispensaries that are as good as the stuff I grow. I've heard countless horror stories about people dealing with there caregivers. I won't rip you off, blow you off, jerk you around, or charge you more for smaller bags. If I say I'm going to be there at 3:00, i'll probally get there around 2:45. If I say that I got Orange Crush for $15 a gram, then its gonna be $15 a gram any day, any time, as long as supplies last. All I ask is that you get at least quarter oz per delivery. If you're interested, give me an e mail, or call. Hope to hear from you soon.

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    why would it take 3 months?.. just read a post where ya trying to purches 1lb of weed. where im from you would be classed as a dealer..

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    Dude FYI....You can't do that on here...Mods will be all over you....AND $800 an ounce?????Are you FUCKIN kidding me????
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  4. jimiblings

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    Yeah, like you said, I'm looking for some meds, which means I don't have them now. If I could get some bulk at a decent price then I would give it to my patients for no profit. Otherwise, in 3 months, when your first harvest is in, I will give you your meds for half the dispensary price. If you can't afford half price, I will gladly give you a free oz every month. Don't make me into something I'm not. My interest isn't in profiting off of sick people, my interest is in growing the biggest garden thats legally allowed. My goal is to have the first Michigan grown garden to be on the High Times centerfold, and I'm willing to work to "just get by" as long as it takes. Where I'm from, we would probally call you a hater, and ignore your calls.

    Now don't get me wrong, your insulting post made me realize that I needed to clear up some details as to how I opperate...and for that, I thank you.

    As for the other comment: I stated that the dispensary that I deal with sells oz's 140-800. Belive me, that isn't bullshit. They have several different strains that range from $5-28 per gram with no breaks. The guy's not even authorized to cut breaks. So, that breaks down to 140 for the cheap shit up to 784 for the best they got. I also thank you for your not-so-insulting but equally informing comment. As far as not being alowed to talk about my business, if they delete this, they delete it, I understand. I don't see why talking about what I do, how I do it, and who I'm willing to do it with should be banned, but I understand if they delete this. No hard feelings here. I think its important to allow people to network in order to help each other minimize costs.

    Oh and if you grow and you need advice or help troubleshooting go ahead and get ahold of me. I just wanna help. Is it so hard to believe that theres an American who wants to help people for reasons not pertaining to self gain.

    Well, yeah, I guess it is.
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    Wait a minute dont even have meds yet.????? And your gonna give advise on "how to grow"...We are all dying to hear what you "know" about growing....Can you please advise me when I should switch nutes to flowering...My "girls" are only 10 foot and I could really use some help...

    $800 an ounce ?????You Michigan patients are getting ripped off!!!!I am almiost 50 years old and have never in my life seen med's worth that....Shit my "top shelf" med's go for $200 an ounce to my patients....
  6. mickrick

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    just stating the obvious bro, hope ya can see where i was comming from..
    and ya welcome.. ya wana grow more than they need so what happens to the rest..
    bet you don't give it away so there's ya profit.. how much to hire you..
    good luck in ya quest for the biggest med patch in michigan..

  7. jimiblings

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    I do have meds, but I need more...especially if I'm gonna take on more patients. Actually my meds are better than any dispensary shit around. $800 an ounce is way too much, but they sell it. $200 an ounce is exactly the price I offer to my patients. Unfortunately, until I see some yeild from the 12 plants I'd newly be able to grow, I would have to outsource to provide medication. Once I meet a good wholesale connection, I'll be able to provide meds for not much more than the meds I'll be growing ($250-300/oz). I don't see why this is so hard for people to understand. And I really don't think my offer is in any way unreasonable.
    To answer your sarcastic trivia questions. I assume you are refering to outdoor growing, which is illegal in Michigan. I have no idea when plants start flowering outdoors, but I can tell you that it depends on which part of the world you're in. I use a deep water culture indoor hydroponic system. I switch my nutes from veg to trans a week before I change the light cycle. Then I switch from trans to flower as soon as the ladies show sex. Once I can visibly see that they are female (even though I know they are), I switch. This usually takes place 10-14 days after changing the cycle. If your plants are 10 ft and you haven't changed the nutes yet, then its likely that you're gonna break the record for worlds biggest cannabis plant. I advise you to notify someone from High Times so they can send someone out to do an article and make sure you get in the Guiness Book of World Records. How do you trim...with a cherry picker?
    I thought this was a forum for people to advise each other. Why would you come at me with that sarcasm. I never claimed to be an expert, but I've read 3 books on indoor growing. I've also inherited knowledge from my parents, uncles, friends, and grandpa. If that doesn't "qualify" me to advise others, how about the fact that most problems people come across, I've dealt with first hand at one time or another. Don't get me wrong...I need to learn from others just as they could learn from me. There's always gonna be something that I can do to improve my system. As of right now though....I grow meds that blow away anything you'll find in a dispensary around here. I wouldn't mind increasing yeild a little bit....but as far as producing quality meds goes...I think I know what I'm doing. My patient and friends all seem to agree.
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    jimiblings, please contact me, seeking affordable meds asap.
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    Wow I can't even remember posting this when I first started out. Peoples shitty attitudes drove me away from this board. Following me around the Internet trolling my posts. How many of you have done anything with your lives since trolling me 5 years ago? I've become a success. And look! Some places still do sell 25/g strains. Not myself of course, my high grade price is unbeatable. Of course, my patient roster is full. Seems like everyone wants a piece of you when you have high grades for a low donation. I'm curious, how much do you guys pay for buds that look like they could be in high times? Well, you could've got it for 200 if you were willing to wait a few months for me to get going.

    And my apologies to the 1 patient here that really was interested. Apparently I forgot about this page after those douchbags did thier trolling.
  10. jimis genetics

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    5 years later and no mod has removed the post or even contacted me about it. Yes, good meds were going for up to 30/g when shit first got started in Michigan. I never said it was fair or that I would ever ask for that much for my own meds. 5 years later and some dispensaries still charge up to 25/g. So, you guys still sound like douchbag for trolling. Im far above this message board crap. I only came back on here to post some links to a petition to legalize nationally.

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