Cat piss

Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by Amon1amarth, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. Amon1amarth

    Amon1amarth Registered+

    Idk know what it was but dang me and my brother have been smoking for almost a year now but as an everyday basis we received an eighth of this "cat piss" smoke about .9 in a blunt between both of us and we both whited you know when you get real pale and feel like throwing up and a huge headache bu the next day we smoke it but in small amounts and it was amazing stuff some of the best bud I've ever smoked
  2. HazyVille

    HazyVille Registered+

    Yea man that cat piss will do that to ya, a friend of mines that visits every now and then from new york always seems to have that stuff and everytime i smoke it, it tends to be a pretty intense high....well for me atleast.
  3. NaughtyDreadz

    NaughtyDreadz Registered+

    man.. I would KILL for some catpiss clones
  4. MadSativa

    MadSativa Registered+

    get sick from smoking cat piss??? WTF
  5. bigjohnson688

    bigjohnson688 Registered+

    i am from the middle of the map.and i have never smoked catpiss but it's been around..but it's the black folks that always got i never fuck with it
  6. bluntpasser

    bluntpasser Registered+

    Definitely my favorite now that i have tried it. Probably the most intense high. The stuff is so frosty it looks like its been dipped in something. Good luck finding this one....

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  7. Justinrg

    Justinrg Registered+

    Nice pic, I had some of this last summer when it rolled through North Dallas and it was legitamite. It was a great high a bit procey but worth it all around.
  8. tuscani

    tuscani Registered+

    check out my cat piss thread , i had some bud that smelled just like cat piss, i took some macros of it also, it was that fiya
  9. temujin8

    temujin8 Registered+

    I got about 6gs of some shit that smells like cat piss and looks alot like the bud in the picture.
    I had read this thread before somewhere, and remembered it... It is VERY good! really bad cerebral high.... omg the high, smoked smooth and the smell went away when it was smoked and im confused because it was only twenty bucks for nearly a quarter so.... IDK we arn't lightweights and this is better than some Cindi we got a bit ago...
  10. bluntpasser

    bluntpasser Registered+

    Cat piss.

    Ya unfortunately it was a one time thing and i will probably never see it or have it again unless i could grow it. but then again its a clone so nevermind finding that seed. I heard its the opposite of dog shit..:Rasta:
  11. maik

    maik Registered+

    I smoked some (more) of this, and a killer strain called Headband when I was in Mass. in september.

    They guy had been growing both since 1988. I could only say "the real stuff".
  12. maxsuperdanks

    maxsuperdanks Registered+


    I had a zip of this stuff last year.

    Sold my buddy half of it cause we're homies, we packed a bowl and covered it in kief from the catpiss....

    We got the frosting off the cake but he left me the bowl for later cause we were farrrrrr too blown out.
  13. frostymcfailure

    frostymcfailure Registered+

    Some of my favorite, some cat piss i came across had a sour dough undertone & that reeky galic like cat pisss reek to it & god damn that was some uber crystalage. Layer on layers of resin, i dropped a bud & it left a body trail of severed trichs!:jointsmile: = OW! OP got that riite!
  14. raregentleman35

    raregentleman35 Registered

    Got some...

    Ok I got some plants just budding and some smell just like cat piss it makes you gag. Im not sure of what type seed it is but its 1 of 3. See I got a megagarden with Afghani, Hindu Kush, and Persian. I have had the first 2 before and the Persian was free beans. My guess its the Persian! I just hope you all are right about it being good. I hope this helps sorry about the not knowing which one of the 3.
  15. Gatekeeper777

    Gatekeeper777 Registered+

    cat piss is the SHtt!!!!:jointsmile::thumbsup:
  16. bigitaly4life

    bigitaly4life Registered+

    yeah i was in colorado 2 years ago on a road trip from PA. we just got done getting busted in Minnesota and they took all my pot. when i get to CO found some hippies on the corner and purchased a half god! Cat piss. it was unbelievable..Our heads were in the clouds for the rest of the ride to Cali. I'd Kill for some more cat piss.

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