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  1. Oliver Crane

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    I'm still not entirely convinced that this isn't just heroin, since it puts me down in a really hazy and profoundly heavy high that seems to change with time, but does not necessarily fade quickly, as I can smoke a bowl or two then go inside and stay pretty high for a good couple of hours as opposed to my usual 30 minutes or so. It tastes remarkably like Platinum GSC, though slightly earthier. Rolled a few joints of it and those really got me where I wanted to be ifyouknowwhatimean Photo Dec 09, 2 45 41 PM.jpg
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  2. Oliver Crane

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    most importantly I can get it for $7.50/g :baggy::dancing:
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    It does look nice, plenty of trichomes all over that bud. :thumbsup:

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