caterpillars keep returning how to get rid of moths producing the eggs

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by littlemountain, Aug 30, 2009.

  1. littlemountain

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    I have been having a caterpillar infestation problem- this has been going on for nearly 3 weeks now- an outside grow- I have used neam oil several times and some of my plants, Blueberry specifically are 5 weeks into flowering and I do not want to spray with neam again- I have looked everywhere fo BT and can not find any- all garden supply places have removed summer stock already- I twice daily hand pick the caterpillars off- amazing how much they can eat in a few hours I need to figure out how to keep the moths away from plants that are laying their eggs- the caterpillars are eating the flower tops not the leaves one blueberry completely destroyed at this time- I am having surgery this week and this will prevent me from climbing mountain to my grow site for awhile- any constructive input appreciated - Hey Rhizome are you out there- you have given me great advice in past years pest problems
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    Neem Oil is the most useless stuff there is, a treehuggers delight :D ... get some Avid, or any insecticide that is specifically made for fruits and vegetables ... follow the instructions, to the letter ! ... Rhyzome, unfortunately, is seldom heard from these days, busy with his career ... a great thinker, and a missed contributor ... :smokin:
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    They are out of BT already, that doesn't make since does it, I mean this is the time of year when catz our at there worst.
    I hear nothing but good about Spinosad, maybe they have that instead of BT.
  4. littlemountain

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    Image reaper

    I have not heard of Avid and doubt I will find here, I live in a very remote place and have few suppliers available to me- there is a guerilla grower here who says to use 10% seven dust- I have never heard of this being used on cannabis- especially during flowering- any insight on this product? I grow for personnel use and do not want tainted weed, I have enough health issues as it is- thanks for your input reaper
  5. Dutch Pimp

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    If bugs were eating my plants?...I would use Sevin 5-10% dust too. Read the directions and decide. It's probably the only thing in your area.

    I grew up with DDT...anything that don't kill you; only makes you stronger..:thumbsup:
  6. littlemountain

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    Dutch: I will probably give the sevin dust a shot- I put in on my vegetable garden all the time and since there are several weeks left of flowering and the abundance of rain we are having should wash any residue away- I HOPE -I just picked off another dozen of these voracious bastards- It is amazing how much bud they can eat an hour!!
  7. Dutch Pimp

    Dutch Pimp Up in Smoke need to get inside. It's so much simpler...:jointsmile:
  8. Dutch Pimp

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    greenhouse maybe?...anyways...Text
  9. littlemountain

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    Dutch : your are right I do need to go inside for several reasons- CONTROL being the best reason- Send me some info on your grow set-up -I have read a lot on indoor and there are debates - a seasoned pros advice would be welcome!!!
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    I had some caterpillar problem before, but they seems to appear at night and gone in the morning. Turned out they burrow in the soil during daytime. So you can try to dig around to see if you can flip out some to reduce the damage.
  11. littlemountain

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    These pest are burrowing-into the center of the buds and eating their way out- I will try pyrethian today not pleased with this choice but better then no bud to harvest
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  12. the image reaper

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    I've also heard of the 'Sevin' being recommended, although I've not used it ... just be sure, whatever you use, is made for use with EDIBLE fruits and vegetables ... you 'could' also do a freshwater rinse of the plant, at harvest, just make sure it dries with plenty of moving air, to avoid mold forming ... good luck :thumbsup:
  13. Dutch Pimp

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    Click on my public profile..(click user name)...go to my album and click on any picture and post a message. It will notify me of your post....and we can go from there....:thumbsup:
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  14. Lanietheberner

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    Avid works only on...

    Mites, does nothing to caterpillars!
  15. roostertail

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    Hi this might help,
    I found little green catterpillars 3 wks ago.
    I was told to use DT which I had on hand. But a helpful person from FoXFarm
    told me to try Dont Bug Me. sold online and at local indoor garden shops
    after 3 consecutive sprays their gone and apear to not be coming back.
    didnt need to DT them. Im keeping very close eye on them just in case eggs hatch.
    you can use this product all the way to harvest day with no ill affects on the taste and quality. Hope this helps
    good luck

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