Caught Covering For a Friend Who Smoked in School

Discussion in 'Legal' started by Austin Krabowski, Feb 28, 2017.

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    Title speaks for itself... My best friend's girlfriend got the bright idea to smoke a bowl in a restroom at my high school. The restroom got closed off, and she asked if I could hold onto it. I put the bowl and small bag of weed in my locker, tucked into my hoodie that was all balled up. An hour later, I'm being escorted to the office and questioned. I was honest and cooperative, told them where the bud and bowl was (they had me on camera being handed the bag), and they searched my bag then stumbled upon a lighter and a pack of cigs my friend left in my bag from the night prior.
    I have to pay a tobacco ticket, plus I'm facing 5 day suspension. The resource officer and my Unit Principle said the prosecutor may most likely drop the possession charge since they have signed statements from both my friend and I stating that she handed me the items to put in my locker.
    I just want to know, am I in the clear? Is there a way the court could still try and get me charged?

    (This is in Ohio by the way)

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