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  1. jkalb42

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    So my apartment was accessed by maintenance, and my grow was found. I've been evicted and turned over to the police, but I'm out of state right now. I'm trying to get a hold of the police there, some guy is calling me back soon. Am I f*cked? I had 2 foot tall plants, and maybe 10ish clones, all in veg. I myself am contacting the police, since they haven't tried to contact me yet. Does that help my situation at all? Any thoughts on what will happen to my dumb *ss? Please respond asap.

    I just want to say thanks for everyone's info that helped me through the process. Also, I know I'm stupid, please do not restate the fact. Thanks.
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  2. Dutch Pimp

    Dutch Pimp Up in Smoke

    lawyer up and shut up
  3. jkalb42

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    So what should i say to the cop when they call back? i just dont want to have a death warrant out when i get there.
  4. cygnustaxt

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    dude get an attorney and have him contact the police. A good criminal defense attorney will know what to do. Check this website for good lawyers in your state:

    basically, unless you get a lawyer, you're fucked. That's my opinion anyway, but im sure a lot of people will agree.
  5. jkalb42

    jkalb42 Registered+

    thanks for the input, thats what im working on right now.
  6. Lit Up

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    Run away and never come back.
  7. the image reaper

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    Words of Wisdom :thumbsup: ...
  8. PlantHeadJ

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    I wouldn't really follow this advice.

    Definitely have the lawyer make the call, and fast. You never stated how many 2 foot plants you had. That will make a difference. Good Luck to you and don't panic, you didn't kill anyone.

  9. jkalb42

    jkalb42 Registered+

    sorry, i meant i had two 1 foot tall plants. well, maybe even like 8 or 9 inches. got a lawyer and he's makin the calls, i'm all the way in montana right now till the 22nd...
  10. geoluv

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    why did maintenance go into your apartment?
  11. Lit Up

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    I wasn't serious about that ya know.
  12. cygnustaxt

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    alright well your past the first step. The lawyer, if he's good, will definitely be able to help you. You'll probably have to pay a fine and probation. It's probably gonna be expensive too. good luck man.
  13. marijuanaisgr8

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    this is why if I get an apartment I'm putting locks on the doors where the grows are at. If you dont own your house they can still find some reason to come in where you live.. fucking asses
  14. avon211

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    I cannot imagine it will be a big deal. Its not like you had a warehouse operation. It was grown for yourself only. It is only pot not coke ,herion or meth. Relax it will work itself out.
  15. jkalb42

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    the lease agreement says they have to warn me 24 hours in advance. they said they put notes on the door that they were gonna come in and check the pipes the day before they did. so...i say violation, since they warned my DOOR, not me. ive been in montana for a week, they have my cell number to call me.
  16. LOC NAR on probation

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    That was just an excuse. Some one wanted what you had, most maitaince would of just taken what you had and then what would you do ? If you can pay a lawyer he might be able to get you off. Do not admit to anything. Tell your lawyer you had a guy come by to keep an eye on things. It must be his but you don't know his name. Sounds like illeagle entry even in an apartment you are supposed to be there when they enter. For all we know the landlord didn't like you and planted the stuff to get rid of you. Any kind of warrant was not done leagle and no probably cause like ( I smell some MJ from a cop ). Remember only talk to your lawyer and DO NOT talk to cops. If a cop lies to you it is OK under the law but if you lies to a cop in most states that's another felony.

    Good luck and let us know, others maybe helped with the knowledge.

    Thinking about it they would of waited untill you came back and did what they call. ( A knock and talk and said they smelled something for probable cause ) Then busted you the right way. That's what they did to me with a warrant in their back pocket just in case. Something smells real fishy about this.

    Everytime I have an encounter with the law I learn so much more about how things must work and how little rights our freedom affords us.
  17. Weedhound

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    lawyer, lawyer, of luck to you.
  18. denialisback

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    definately a violation of your privacy if the contract says that then they entered illegally, if you can push that they entered illegally then the evidence can be overturned since there was no legal precident to go in.. :p

    damn man if i was the maintenance guy I'd have snapped off a nug and pretended i never saw shit lol. I guess maintenance guys aren't like me.. sorry dude.

    my thoughts are with you,

  19. cygnustaxt

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    haha this guy knows whats up, if i were you i would definitely try to prove that they entered illegally and i would also just snap off a bud and peace out if i saw that lol. maybe come by a few days later and see if he wants to smoke up or something.
  20. denialisback

    denialisback Registered+

    haha, shit, yeah i missed that bit.. absolutely, i'd be a little bit scared of freaking the guy out thinkin i was gonna blackmail him hahaha...

    heads up J things'll sort themselves out, but you have to BELIEVE it!!

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