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    Heres my story:

    My girlfriend and I were driving home from a baseball game (In Ohio) the other night when we were pulled over. My girlfriend was driving and got a DUI, they also found about less than a gram of weed and my pipe and papers in the car. Since my girlfriend was driving she got the DUI and i got charged with possesion of less than 100 grams and for the pipe and papers. The car that we were driving is mine.

    What should I expect as far as punishment for the possesion of less than 100 grams (mind you there was probably less than 1 gram in the car) and for the pipe and papers? Note: this all happened in Ohio. Also, how will this affect my work? I am an accoutant at a highly reputable firm. will they find out?

    I am 23yrs old and have a crisp clean record.

    Thanks to all that reply.
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  2. deere

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    I got this off of NORML
    "Less than 100 g - 100$ minor misdemeanor
    Paraphernalia possession - $750 misdemeanor - You can get up to 30 days in jail."

    Hope this helps.
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    Spend a few bucks on a lawyer that practices in the court that has jurisdiction and has experience with your situation. They may be able to get a better deal than you would on your own. AFA your job, it depends on your company's policies.
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    That sucks man get a lawyer
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    This really blows man I hate when people get caught for something that should be legal.

    Since you have no prior record I assume you'll be paying a hefty fine, I do not think you will go to jail unless the judge wants to be REALLY REALLY harsh, don't worry kid.

    If your company finds out I don't think you'll be out of a job it is a possibility but with a misdemeanor like this you should be O.K. .

    Whenever someone gets in a situation like this they always think the worst will occur. I think it is in our nature to react this way. You should get off easy and if not I still think you'll recover.
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    i am orignally from yellow springs oh. last oct. i got popped with a pipe that had about quarter gram in it. i got paraphanalia and possesion this was my 2nd offense. i got $100 fine for possesion and $100 fine and 30 days for paraphanalia. most of the time they will shelve the 30,which they did. you will also loose your drivers liscense for 90 days. each charge but run concurantly. also you will pay court costs mine were about $85, and the bmv will hit you with reinstatment fees. i ended up paying $215 to the bmv, but i also had a couple other charges. the worst part is losing your driving privalge, im a mechanic so that hit me real hard.

    as far as your employer, in the state of ohio, i cant think of the termanology, but basicaly your record will not list specifics. so if you dont mention it they more than likely wont find out. it aint no big deal in ohio

    your girlfreined is definatly gonna get reemed tho.

    by the time it was all said and done it cost me around about $3000 but like i said there was a little more to my case than simple possesion. i live in lousianna now and thank god i didnt get popped here 2nd offense up to 5 years and 3rd up to 20 years no weght limits, so third time with even a joint you can get 20
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    oh and good luck
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    You will continue to have a crisp record. It's your girl who's record is smudged. The judge will ask you whether you work and where. That's when you seriously humble yourself and let the judge know that it was a tremendous mistake and that you don't want this in any way to affect your career. You will definitely be fined and probably lectured(chastised)!I'm from Ohio and Judges can be so whimsical at times, but at least you have favorable circumstances(spotless record and a sound career). It's your girl who will catch the brunt though. Just whatever you do don't come off snobby in front of that judge and answer, "Yes, your honor. No, your honor". Courtroom etiquette is a must when dealing with a judge, lol.

    Good Luck!
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  9. Gasper02

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    thanks to all that have replied. i will con't to try and keep you all up to date on the outcome.
  10. Gasper02

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    its an ashland county court and i hear they can be quite strict (really my main concern). I have two lawyers who i knew very well growing up and are working the case free of charge so i kind of have that in my favor. the only downside to that i guess is that they are lawyers from a different county. :(
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    Get the Valentine Radar Detector. Never drive and carry without it. I've been saved countless times.
  12. OLDE ENGLISH '800

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    whats a radar detector gonna do? :icon506:

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