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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by purplekush989, Jun 3, 2009.

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    here is the rundown:
    i have two plants - oprah's vajayjay and hillary clinton's snizz. they are indica dom plants (bagseed) that are about 2 months old. I started them indoors with a t5 flouro and a couple desk lights and let them veg for a few weeks indoors (I lst'ed them indoors as well), then i moved them to the outdoors. the soil mix is 10% soil from the landscape, 30% perlite, 60% worm castings and 1/4 cup of 5-5-5 all purpose organic fertilizer.

    Oprah' vajayjay is a taller, less bushy plant that i topped at the beginning of week 3. It is doing absolutely fabolous. Hillary clinton's snizz on the other hand, is a stout, bushier plant that has had explosive undergrowth and recently has been having some droopiness issues. My friend who is looking after the plants says that there has been a lot of rain lately, which i am thinking might be the cause of Snizz's droopy leaves. I am just wondering though, are there many causes to droopy leaves? Is overwatering a strong possibility?

    P.S. My friend is supposedly sending me pics soon so i'll have those up when i get em.
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    should i move this bitch to plant problems?
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    Some pics would help, but drooping is mostly from overwatering or underwatering. 60% worm castings may have been a bit too much also. I understand that they used as supplements and a "muddy mess"(could be suffocating the roots). This is just a guess, better to post in the plant problems section with the form filled out plus pics :jointsmile:
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    i concur!

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    will do, thanks dudes.

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