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    Sorry about the long post but I think it is very necessary for people to be informed about company's who are in it for the money and themselves. Fuck that. I am putting them on blast.

    I have had some serious problems with my first two PG400's I purchased in April 2016. The PG400 is not on there website anymore. A month later after initial purchase I have noticed that pg400 #1 was dimmer than pg400 #2. Another month later pg400 #1 blue spectrum completely went out. Unfortunately I couldn't get a refund because it was past due the refund date, but I did get an exchange. So once the newest pg400 #3 came in (i will assign it as pg400 #3) I immediately did a comparison with my initial purchase pg400 #2. I downloaded 2 different lux meter apps on my phone and did my test here is what I got:

    pg400 LED#2:
    Full spectrum: 1700 lx Veg spectrum: 155 lx Flower spectrum: 1025 lx
    pg400 LED#3
    Full Spectrum: 2400 lx Veg spectrum: 210 lx Flower spectrum: 1500 lx

    I did numerous tests and I got similar readings. So that means my first two lights were both defective before they even left the warehouse. That means they do not even test them prior to shipment.

    I sent Kristin from hydroponicshut an email once I knew the pg400 #2 was defective. this is the reply I got.
    Hello Kristin,

    Hope all is well. After some speculation I have encountered another defective pg400. It is from my initial purchase. I will assign each pg400 Led light a reference number to make it easy to identify and explain to you what is going on.

    I initially purchased two pg400's. I will name them LED#1 and LED#2. As you know LED#1 was defective and had that one returned and so I purchased another pg400(LED#3). I compared LED#2 with the newly purchased LED#3 with a lux meter and LED#3 was emitting more bright light than LED#2. I have tested it several times and this is what I got on average:

    Full spectrum: 1700 lx Veg spectrum: 155 lx Flower spectrum: 1025 lx

    Full Spectrum: 2400 lx Veg spectrum: 210 lx Flower spectrum: 1500 lx

    When I place each hand a few inches under both led lights while wearing sunglasses I can clearly see brighter light emitting onto the top of my hand from LED#3 than LED#2.

    To save me the hassle and headache I am kindly requesting to send back LED#2 for a full refund. Waiting for your reply.
    Hello Sergei,

    Our current refund policy is located here:

    As your purchase is more than 30 days old we will be unable to refund your purchase price. All the units you purchased were functioning 100 percent upon shipment and frankly we've done all we can to help your situation.

    I suggest you sell the units on a major auction channel such as eBay if they've been such an inconvenience to you. Our products have a great resale rate and I think this would be a great option for you.


    Kristin S.

    Then I emailed them asking about my 3 year warranty and have not heard from her, so I dropped it for 5 months. So I deicded to email them again with my same problem hoping I would get a different customer service rep. The person who emailed me back was Ben who is the owner of the company and has the youtube name: propagandapharms pretending to be a regular joe using only Hydroponicshut leds to grow his herb and saying it is the best. So I received an email from him and he had no clue about my problem because the communication was between Kristin and I only. So I let him know and I told him that Kristin gave me an unprofessional response and I demand to have my LED fixed which is under warranty. This was his response:

    Benjamin (Hydroponics Hut LLC)

    Dec 15, 12:19 COT

    Hi Sergei,

    Unfortunately there's nothing we can do in this circumstance as the units in your possession are functioning properly. The product in question is far from defective and will continue to bring you great results for years.

    Kristin was correct, if you're not happy with the results you're receiving from the technology or the levels from your meter I would suggest you sell the units on eBay as well. Our products have a really great resale rate which I think will please you very much.

    Have a terrific holidays,

    Hydroponics Hut LLC


    That was the last I heard from Ben after several emails I sent to him still no response.
    That concludes my rant about this company. Please buyer beware!!! STAY away from this company.

    grow in peace,
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    Sounds reasonable.
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