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    Hey guys! You all know the power that cannabis holds; even in smoked form, it is extremely effective. However, extracts release the full potential of cannabis medicine, and I would like to let you guys know about something very interesting. It is known as CBD (cannabidiol) oil, and it works miraculously for a multitude of applications.

    This oil is made by my friend Richard Brumfield, who perfected his medicines when working with Marc Emery and Dana Larsen up in Canada. It is primarily cannabidiol (CBD), which is another major cannabinoid in cannabis. Richard converts the THC to CBD, and there is too low of a percentage of THC to be considered illegal. CBD is more effective than THC for specific applications, such as killing pain. With this oil, all you have to do is use one or two drops on any pain, and it goes away. So for things like arthritis, joint pain, wounds, bruises, or any pain at all, this works perfectly. I have personally used this oil, as well as a previous product of Richard's, a CBD lotion. The lotion was good, but this oil is even better. It cannot be taken internally, it is only for topical use, but since a lot of pain is external, this is very useful.

    If you have any specific questions about this, please ask. There is also an eBay listing for this stuff, it's only going to be up for a few more days: Ricky's HemJoba Holistic Healing Oil - eBay (item 140358032472 end time Nov-13-09 21:23:27 PST)

    It is $60 (free shipping), but it lasts a long time because there are hundreds of drops in the bottle, and there is even a warranty, so if it doesn't work, you can send it back for a full refund. Richard is serious about this medicine, and he stands behind it. Once again, if you have any questions, please ask. Also, if you decide to get this, please PM me so I can keep in contact you. Richard and I are collecting testimonials, because the world needs to know how well this medicine works!

    One more thing, here's Jodie Emery's response to Richard Brumfield's posting on her Facebook page about the product being up on eBay:
    Jodie Joanna Emery"This is an incredible product -- I now regret telling you to not use Marc's name and likeness to promote it... but at least you're getting this miracle medicine out there! Good work, Richard! "
    Also, here is a link to a Facebook group that has a compilation of testimonials, including one from Marc Emery himself:
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    Hmm, that Facebook link does not seem to be working. So if you want to read the testimonials, click here: Testimonials
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    THC converted to CBD???

    I'm curious as to how Richard Brumfield "converts the THC to CBD."

    Would it not be better to find some Iowa ditch weed with little or no THC and simply extract the CBD?

    THC degrades to CBN, so you could convert the THC to CBN and have CBN oil (no thanks). I don't think THC is readily convertible to CBD. Find some hemp and extract the CBD from it instead.
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    I would love to hear about the process!
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    has it been tested?

    seems the #1 place to start backing claims up.

    google full spectrum labs in Colorado.
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    just noticed the OP was from 2008.

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